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Stone & Brick Exterior Wainscoting

Stone & Brick Exterior Wainscoting

If your home is a little dull or dated, or you’re just looking for something new, even the smallest of changes can make a big difference. This is especially true when it comes to livening up your home’s exterior features. Wainscoting the exterior walls of your home using faux stone and brick paneling is a quick and easy way to add depth and natural beauty that will turn heads.

What is Exterior Wainscoting?

For centuries, wainscoting has been a way for homeowners to add detail and depth to a room, without the need for a messy renovation. Traditionally, a wainscot is installed on the lower third or half of a wall as decoration and to protect walls from damage from furniture, shoes, kids, and pets. Wainscoting isn’t reserved just for interior rooms but is often used on home exteriors and outdoor living spaces.

Many homeowners choose natural stone or brick wainscoting for their charm, durability, and style. But on the other hand, they’re choosing an expensive product that requires the help of a contractor or professional mason to install.

Faux exterior wainscot panels offer the same benefits as real stone and brick and are a great product to use when the cost of laying actual bricks or using real stone is prohibitive.

Benefits of Using Exterior Wainscot Panels vs. Real Brick or Stone

From appearance alone, many people can't tell the difference between faux and authentic stone or brick. So if you're not sacrificing in appearance, why not take advantage of the many benefits of faux materials?

Faux exterior wainscot panels are available in a wide variety of styles and colors that are:

  • Affordable, and only costs a fraction of real stone or brick, both to buy and ship
  • Easy to install over wood, concrete, masonry, or metal surfaces
  • Able to withstand most weather conditions
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Resistant to fading, splitting, and damage from pests
  • Easy to clean and require little to no maintenance

It’s easy to see that choosing faux stone or brick for exterior wainscoting is a smart choice compared to using real stone or brick. Let’s explore the ways you can use faux exterior wainscot panels to spruce up your home’s exterior.

Exterior Wainscoting Ideas

Our faux stone and brick panels add vibrancy to any home exterior project, whether you install the panels as wainscoting or use them to embellish a feature like a pool, garden, or patio kitchen.

Novi Dry Stack in Flint faux panels used as wainscoting to frame an exterior door.

Frame an exterior door

Make your front door pop by incorporating a faux stone wainscot to set it apart from your siding.

Create a welcoming front porch

Nothing says “welcome home” like an inviting front porch with wainscot stone like this one with Novik Dry Stack Stone Siding Panels.

Novi Cobblestone in Castle faux panels enrich a front porch.
Novi Dry Stack in Anthracite faux panels disguise a home's foundations.

Beautifully disguise your foundation

Stone wainscot exterior on your home’s foundation doesn’t break the bank and it delivers big on curb appeal.

Elevate your raised patio

Stone wainscoting on your patio helps distinguish one area from the next, like on this outdoor bar.

Novi Dry Stack in Anthracite faux panels add the finishing touch to the foundations of a raised patio.
Wainscoting panels fit snugly between garage doors.

Dress up your garage doors

You can trim faux exterior siding panels with a regular wood saw – making it a snap to install around fittings like garage doors.

Add vibrancy to your pool landscaping

Refine your poolside landscaping with exterior stone accent wall panels to max out those long summer nights.

Faux stone panels create a natural, warm look by the pool.
Faux stone panels make a retaining wall blend into the natural surrounds.

Dress up your garden

Add color and flair to a stepped garden with a faux stone panel retaining wall.

Achieve ambiance with an outdoor kitchen

Stone veneer panels on your outdoor kitchen makes a statement and takes your outdoor space to the next level.

An outdoor kitchen featuring faux stone panels.
Faux panels liven up mobile home skirting.

Grace your mobile home skirting

Like wainscoting exterior, our faux stone or brick panels make ideal mobile home skirting.

Exterior Wainscoting Tips

Installing exterior wainscot panels can be done over a weekend, or even in just a few hours! Follow these tips to ensure a budget-friendly, successful installation.

Measure Your Home Carefully

Taking accurate measurements of your installation surfaces is the key to ordering the right amount of exterior siding panels to complete your wainscot project. We recommend measuring twice and taking notes as you go.

  1. Determine how high up the wall (in feet) you want your wainscoting
  2. Measure the width of each wall you plan to wainscot
  3. Multiply the width of each wall by the height you want your wainscoting

To determine how many panels you need, use our helpful quantity calculator, located on each product page near the quantity field. All you have to do is input your measurements. To account for waste during installation, the quantity calculator automatically adds more paneling than what you need to cover the surface.

Don't Forget Your Installation Materials and Accessories

For a gorgeous, long-lasting installation, don’t forget to include the required installation materials and coordinating accessories:

  • Corners
  • Ledges
  • Trim
  • Drainage mats (check your local building codes to determine if a drainage mat is required)
  • Starter Strips (required for Novik exterior siding only)

When you’re ready to install, follow our detailed installation guides.

Explore Our Wainscoting Panels

Exterior wainscoting using faux stone or brick panels can boost your home’s curb appeal or improve the ambiance of your outdoor living spaces, without breaking the bank. Even better, your project can be completed on your own in just a few hours to a few days, so you can enjoy the results sooner.

No matter where you live, faux stone exterior wainscot panels can connect your home with the natural features in your area or invite a bit of nature to the city. For rustic, everlasting appeal, faux brick exterior siding is everything you need.

Click below to explore our variety of styles to help you get started on your home exterior transformation!

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