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Bathroom Ideas

A beautiful bathroom makes the rest of your day that much better. Our bathroom wall paneling will help you achieve a design you’ll love. Add the realistic look of faux brick, rock or stone to create an accent wall or wainscoting to give the space unique appeal.

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Seamless install
  • Great for DIY Lovers
  • Resistant to wear and tear, deterioration, pests and insects
  • No Maintenance needed
  • Ships right to your front door
  • Available in numerous designs, texture and colors
Bathroom Ideas

Easy Waterproof Design With Stone Or Brick Style

The design and material of our faux panels allow them to withstand years of water and moisture exposure and still stay looking great. Though other products may fade, warp or pull away from the walls in these conditions, our high-density, closed cell polyurethane panels don't suffer from these issues when proper installation techniques are followed.

Bring stunning bathroom ideas to life with ease. Our lightweight products mean that you won't have to worry about weight issues like you would with real wood beams and other real materials. They're very easy to install and don't require any messy mortar or special tool. Plus, Barron Designs’ products are far more affordable. Created using molds taken from real stone, rock and brick, our faux panels perfectly recreate all the subtle nuances and beauty of the real thing. Once they're installed it'll be practically impossible to differentiate whether they’re real.