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Faux Wood Panels

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Unsure Where to start?Shop Our Samples To Find The Perfect Finish For Your Project

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Quality Faux Panels, Columns, Wood, and Faux Beams

These decorative faux wood panels will dramatically improve the look of any room without spending a fortune and waiting months for the end results. Our faux wood wall panels are gorgeous, easy to install without a contractor and designed to last. The faux wood paneling comes in a variety of sizes, patterns and wood grains that are incredibly realistic - practically indistinguishable from real wood.

Installing a faux wood panel wall takes a fraction of the time it takes to install real wood, saving you hours of labor.

Our faux wood wall paneling is lightweight, easy to handle and, in most cases, can be installed by one person. With no special equipment required, the panels can be sawn, drilled, glued, screwed and fastened with ordinary carpentry tools. Both the paneling and planking are made from high-density polyurethane with a closed cell structure. They can be used inside or outside with NO maintenance! With this durable material, you will never have to worry again about warping, termites, fading, splitting or rotting.