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Beams FAQ

Beam Questions

Pricing depends on the width, height, material (wood versus faux wood) and other options like the number of sides, end caps and if fire–rated polyurethane is utilized. As you toggle through product pages and select options, your price displayed will change accordingly.

Yes, Barron Designs offers a Class-A Fire Rated Polyurethane finish for our wood beams. Products made of fire-rated polyurethane are more expensive and frequently have a longer lead time than products made from our standard high-density polyurethane. Please read more about the Class-A Fire Rated Polyurethane in our terms and conditions.

Most often, faux wood beams will only require dusting on occasion. In the rare case that they do require cleaning, you can wash them with soap and water using a mild detergent such as dish soap.

Yes, unfinished beams are offered for those looking to add their own finish or color. Painting and staining unfinished beams is very easy. Use our guide for instructions on finishing an unfinished beam.

Install Questions

Yes, adding lighting into our faux wood beams is very easy. One of the many perks of faux wood beams is their ability to hide lighting, wall joints, wires and more. See our guide for instructions on adding recessed lighting into your beams.

Our skilled artisans assemble our beams with concealed screws to create that authentic look. We recommend using a hand saw (not power tools) when cutting them. You may locate screws with a stud finder before cutting. See our guide for instructions on cutting a faux wood beam.

Barron Designs is not responsible for any bodily harm or damage to your equipment.

Spacing of your beams all depends on the style of look you are going for. The majority of customers install their wood ceiling beams with a spacing somewhere between 2 feet and 8 feet. Four-foot spacing is the most common. We recommend viewing our design ideas page for inspiration.

Yes, our faux wood beams are easy to miter and work with. All of our faux beams are sold as 3- or 4-sided. For this reason, they are a great option for wooden trusses. Fill out our custom truss design form for assistance from our design team.

PLEASE NOTE, our beams are in fact "faux" and offer no structural value what-so-ever. Therefore, our products are intended for aesthetic purposes only, not for any structural or support use, and/or requirements.


Each product will ship slightly differently based on size. 

3–sided beams, L-headers and mantels will ship fully assembled.

A 4-sided beam will ship as a 3-sided beam with a pre-fitted (mitered) 4th side to be installed on site.

For more questions on shipping please contact our customer experience and design support team at 800-651-4223 Monday-Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM EST.

When you checkout the shipping method will be shown.  Usually it will be UPS or ABF.  ABF is our truck carrier of choice and will transport larger (either dimensionally larger or quantity) orders. Typically, beams/mantels under 8 feet long will ship via a small package carrier such as UPS. Orders of beam products that are larger than 8 feet will ship via LTL common Carrier (typically ABF). Please review all of our shipping information carefully.

Dimension Questions

Yes, we work with our customers to ensure their vision of Barron Designs' products comes to life. Contact our customer experience and design support team at 800-651-4223 Monday-Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM EST to discuss your project.

A box beam looks like a solid beam but is constructed by putting together either 3 or 4 panels to create a hollow structure. Barron Designs constructs our beams by mitering planks of high-density polyurethane or western cedar together using both adhesives and mechanical fasteners. Our 4 sided beams ship to you with 3 sides fully assembled and allow you to add the 4th side as you complete the project. The 4th side will be pre-mitered and fitted to your specific beam, making installation easy.

3 sided beams are typically mounted flush with the ceiling or suspended when the top is not visible from a walkway above. Leaving one side open gives you a product that is lighter, less expensive and easier to install. Typically 4 sided beams are used when mounting a suspended beam that will be visible from above.

Our custom beam-type products are hand crafted to the specified outer dimensions. Our material is typically 1” thick but can vary up to ¼”. Please allow a tolerance when covering other materials.