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Exterior Siding

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Exterior siding can improve the ambiance of your outdoor space, beautify your home, and boost your curb appeal. Whether you want to achieve the natural look of brick, rock, or stone, Barron Designs has all the exterior siding options you need.  Use our exterior siding panels in faux rock or stone to connect your home with natural features in your area or bring a jolt of nature to the city. Meanwhile, our brick siding can give your home an everlasting look. 


Our exterior siding panels are durable, lightweight, and easy to install because they're made from molded polypropylene. They can withstand all weather and they're resistant to fading, splitting, rotting, and pests. 


Are you ready to take your home to the next level? We have all the modern options for exterior siding you need. Shop Exterior Siding Samples Today!

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Unsure Where to start?Shop Our Samples To Find The Perfect Finish For Your Project

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Advantages of Faux Exterior Siding Panels

Rock, stone, and brick design elements can look beautiful and dramatic on the outside of your home. Meanwhile, choosing a faux panel option means you can save money and install the siding yourself.

Durable in All Weather

Our faux exterior siding panels are made of polypropylene so they can withstand climate conditions like wind, moisture, harsh cold, and scorching sun. Plus, they stand up to most other forms of wear and tear.

Exterior SIding doesn’t attract insects or pests and will continue to look great without fading, cracking, or peeling for many years to come.

Low-Cost Shipping and Installing

Because polypropylene is very lightweight, our exterior siding panels are more cost-efficient to ship and easier to install than real stone, rock, or brick. Your total installed cost will be much lower.

With our simple instructions and tools that you likely already own, it's possible to install our exterior siding in hours – and without headaches or muscle strain.

See how our many options for exterior siding can work with your design concept for the exterior of your home! Shop Samples Today

How to Install Exterior Siding

Wondering how to install exterior siding? It’s simple! We have exterior siding installation guides for each of our popular styles.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Always begin the installation at the lowest part of the structure, from left to right.
  • Always nail through the installation holes.
  • Never hammer the nail in completely.
  • Make sure that all pieces are properly joined together.

One person can easily install our faux exterior siding because they're so lightweight – yet durable.

Home Design Ideas for Exterior Siding

Adding faux exterior siding to your home is a quick and easy way to boost the external appearance of your home. You'll enjoy your outdoor areas more and make your home more attractive to people passing by.

Try these ideas for using faux exterior siding in your home!

  • Embellish your entire external walls
  • Use on the upper or lower part of walls only for contrast
  • Cover foundations of your home
  • Wrap a raised porch and keep critters out

Each of our product pages has a calculator next to the quantity selector. Since each style has unique dimensions, we recommend using the calculator located on the page for your chosen panels.

You can input your dimensions into the calculator, and it will advise you on quantities based on the coverage dimensions of the specific panel you have selected. Exterior siding is sold in convenient case quantities so you can then work out how many cases you will need.

To cut the material, it is recommended to use a circular saw with a finishing blade.

Our exterior siding is made from polypropylene .

The exact dimensions vary by style and are listed under the “Specifications” tab on each product page.

You can see the coordinating item section (ledgers, corners, etc) of the product description on product pages.

Corner pieces are available for many panel styles

Yes. Our exterior siding is ideal for mobile home skirting. You first would have to frame the area. This popular blog might give you ideas or inspiration.

No. Exterior siding panels are rigid and cannot be used on curved surfaces.