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Column Ideas

From interior or exterior projects, Barron Designs’ columns give you an innovative way to add dimension and design to any mundane post. Explore faux column sleeves, real wood columns, faux column wraps, faux stone and brick mailbox covers, and more to elevate your space.

  • Easy to install
  • Realistic appearance
  • DIY-friendly
  • Maintenance-free design
  • Ships right to your front door
  • Available in numerous designs, texture and colors
Faux Column Ideas

Add Curb Appeal To Your Home

Most commonly used in exterior projects, our columns give your space a fresh look to transform the curb appeal of your home. Your exterior is the first impression many receive to your space, Barron Designs’ faux columns will give you an attainable way to achieve the unique look of real wood, stone, or brick without the hassles that can come with. Pairing our wood columns with faux stone columns or faux brick columns gives you a lightweight, durable, maintenance-free DIY, way to revitalize an average post in a budget-conscious way.

Achieve a professional look with products that are resolute in their design. Barron Designs’ columns are made from a lightweight polyurethane that can be treated with a UV-resistant coating for all exterior projects. This makes our columns highly resistant to chipping, cracking, flaking, fading and deterioration so they’ll stay looking authentic for years with minimal maintenance. Along with their popularity as outdoor accent elements, decorative faux stone columns and faux brick columns provide versatile indoor design options that add character and visual appeal. The possibilities are endless with Barron Designs columns.

Our faux ceiling beams and panels are lightweight, durable, maintenance-free and can revitalize a bedroom in a budget-conscious way. Molded from real wood, stone, rock and brick, they have all the same grain patterns, texture, tool marks, knots and more of the original without all the hassles of the real thing. Plus, the light weight of our faux ceiling beams eliminates the need for additional support structures or long construction periods.

If you’re looking for DIY wood beams or DIY faux brick wall panels, then you’re in the right place! All of our products are designed to be extremely DIY-friendly and install easier and quicker than heavy wood beams.

The potential uses are practically endless. With our wall paneling, wall coverings, ceiling beams and more, our products have the ability to add a subtle visual partition to designs. For instance, multiple parallel beams can add eye-catching texture. Our products are also extremely versatile with several design possibilities limited only by your imagination.

Numerous styles, finishes and custom sizes are available along with the unfinished option, so you or your contractor can have them painted as needed. With all the available options of a Barron custom design, there is a perfect choice for any bedroom design.