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Faux Wood Beams

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Beams on ceiling of bedroom

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Faux wood beams are a simple, budget-friendly way to revitalize a room’s décor. Ceiling beams can accentuate ceilings in interior spaces, giving rooms a warm, cozy feeling. Faux beams provide the exact look of traditional wood beams, without the extra weight and expense.

We have the largest selection of faux ceiling beams on the market today. They are available in both three-sided and four-sided variations. Our three-sided ceiling beams can be installed over existing structures such as smaller wood beams, structural steel beams, plumbing pipes, electrical wires, and conduits. And since our faux wood beams are lightweight, installation is easy.

You might be wondering: how authentic-looking are our faux beams? Design precision is our specialty, which is why we hand-craft our faux beams in America to ensure that every faux wood beam style we sell looks indistinguishable from the real wood beam alternative. Plus, we handcraft every faux beam from molds made of genuine wood. Because they’re made of high-density polyurethane, they’re much lighter in weight than actual wood, so cranes, professional installers, and heavy equipment aren’t needed to lift them.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, easy installation, and affordability, our faux wood beams also provide a maintenance-free long life. Because they’re made of artificial wood, they won’t warp, rot, split, or twist like genuine wood can.

With our beams, you still get the beauty and look of natural wood, without the hassle. From classic Tuscany to Rough Sawn to Timber to new styles like Driftwood, we have a wood style and finish for every taste, project, and décor. If you want to finish them yourself, all of our faux ceiling beams can be ordered unfinished in a paint-ready condition with a beige double-primer coat. All styles are also available in several color options, such as Whitewash, Walnut, Cinnamon, Java and Light Oak.