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Arched Beams

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Beams on ceiling of bedroom

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Arched wood ceiling beams add a dramatic touch to any design but are usually too expensive due to the difficult, slow, painstaking process required to bend a solid wood beam. Thanks to artificial wood, you can have a gorgeous look at a fraction of the price. Even better, our faux ceiling beams don’t need heavy equipment to lift or install them, which means you save on the installation, too. Made from high density polyurethane and crafted from molds made of real wood, you’ll be stunned by the beams’ realistic look and appearance.

Whether it’s your home, office, workspace or more, you can trust Barron Designs to deliver you top quality faux wood beams. Our interior corbels and arched beams are textured to look and feel like traditional wood beams. You’ll be basking in all the benefits of traditional wood ceiling beams - beautiful appearance, sophisticated charm, higher property value, etc. - while reaping the benefits of faux wood beams - light weight, easy installation process, inexpensive, low maintenance, easily customizable to your space’s style, etc.

Create almost any ceiling design you’d like with our faux ceiling beams. Select your decorative ceiling beams from a variety of our collections. The arched beams at Barron Designs are available in a wide range of color choices, as well as unfinished, plus a variety of radius options, so you can combine arched beams and straight beams to create countless designs.