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Wood & Faux Wood Beams

Affordably achieve your ideal interior aesthetic with real and faux wood beams from Barron Designs. Thanks to their top-tier craftsmanship, our faux and real wooden beams are virtually indistinguishable from each other and offered in an array of timeless and modern styles. With custom beams, planks, trusses, corbels, and viga tails available, explore our entire collection below, along with our faux columns and panels.
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Beams on ceiling of bedroom

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It depends on the size of beam you are interested in and the customizations that you select. Select the style you like, enter your dimensions and the price will be displayed.

All of our products are standard construction material. Where a fire rated polyurethane is required, we offer our custom faux beams, mantels, L-headers and planks with fire rated polyurethane as an option. It will add 10-15% to the price. Please click here to learn more.

Yes, our faux wood beams are easy to miter and work with. All of our faux beams are sold as 3- or 4-sided. For this reason, they are a great option for wooden trusses. PLEASE NOTE, our beams are in fact "faux" and offer no structural value what-so-ever. Therefore, our products are intended for aesthetic purposes only, not for any structural or support use, and/or requirements.

All products under 8 feet long ship via UPS or FedEx ground. All items over 8 feet long ship by freight carrier (truck). 3-sided beams, L-headers (2-sided beams) and mantels ship fully assembled. 4-sided beams ship as a 3-sided beam and a pre-fitted (mitered) 4th side to be installed on site.

Most often, faux wood beams will only require dusting from time to time. In the rare case that they do require cleaning, you can wash them with soap and water using a mild detergent such as dish soap.