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What are Fire Rated Faux Wood Beams?

What are Fire Rated Faux Wood Beams?

There are many reasons to choose faux wood beams over the real thing: They look just as good, they’re quicker, safer and easier to install and they’re much more affordable than real timber or wood. But another reason to pick them is that our artificial timber beams can be ordered fire-rated; making them a safer alternative to wood.

What does it mean for Faux Wood Beams to be Fire Rated?

Faux wood beams with Flame Seal coating add extra peace of mind. Fire rated faux wood beams and artificial timber mantels are especially useful for fireplaces

But what does “fire rated” actually mean? Allow us to explain:

Fire rating is a global system for measuring how resistant a building material is to heat and flame. Products earn a rating depending on how long it takes them to ignite, how much smoke they produce while burning and whether or not they continue to burn once the source of ignition is taken away.

At, our fire rated products have one of two forms of fire protection: Firstly, a number are made with fire resistant polyurethane – which perfectly mimics the look and texture of real wood, but is resistant to burning. Fire resistant foam versions of our Custom Tuscany, Custom Woodland, Arched Tuscany and Arched Woodland beams are available.

Using fire resistant foam with your recessed lighting provides added safety for you and your family. If you're installing recessed or hidden lighting, fire rated beams give additional peace of mind

Secondly, many of our products (such as Rustic, Raised Grain and Rough Sawn beams) are available with a Flame Seal® fire resistant coating, which further protects them from heat and fire.

What does this mean at home? By installing faux wood beams you’ll have the peace-of-mind knowing that you’re not installing a potential fire hazard.

Fire rated products from faux wood beams have to be ordered specifically – and there is a modest increase in price for doing so. It’s worth it, however, if you plan on using our artificial timber as a fireplace mantel – or want to install recessed lighting in one of our beams.

Fire rating has no impact on the look of the faux wood products we sell; and is especially useful in commercial properties, where fire safety regulations might be in effect. For more information about fire rated products, and what that might mean to you, check out the special section we’ve written especially about fire rated faux wood products.