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Real Wood Beams

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Advantages of Cedar Box Beams

Enhance your home’s design inside and out with handcrafted cedar beams. The gorgeous wood grain texture and natural colors of our real wood ceiling beams dramatically transform the look of any room, large or small.

Our box beams are made of real cedar, then hand distressed and stained for an authentic vintage wood look. Unlike solid wood beams, our cedar wood beams are hollow, more affordable, and easier to install around existing structures like pipes, ductwork, or wires. 

Cedar box beams are available in three attractive textures, making it easy to find the beam that matches the look you’re going for. The highly-distressed look of Heavy Hand Hewn Beams is the perfect match for a cozy, rustic design. Elegant Wire Brushed Wood Beams capture the character of real reclaimed barnwood without the hassle of cleaning and removing insects from real barnwood. Barn Board Wood Beams elevate your space as another option to replicate the look of real barn wood. 

Our eight beam finishes are designed to fit seamlessly into any style, from classic farmhouse-inspired to bold, contemporary homes. If you don’t find the color you’re looking for, order your beams unfinished. They’ll arrive at your doorstep ready for painting or staining!

Faux cedar beam accessories like wood corbels, decorative straps, and beam plates are available to customize your look further. 

How to Choose Between Box Beams and Solid Wood Beams

Box beams and solid beams are different. Deciding between a box beam and a solid beam depends on the amount of time and money you are willing to invest in beams, their installation, and upkeep. Overall, hollow box beams are cheaper, easier to maintain, and DIY-friendly. 

The look and texture of our cedar box beams are indistinguishable from solid wood beams. When it comes to maintenance and longevity, cedar beams stand the test of time. With our exclusive wood treatment process, every cedar beam is less prone to cracking, warping, checking, and twisting. Solid beams tend to split and crack over time, requiring more maintenance and possible replacement. 

Design Options and Customization

With box beams, your design potential is almost limitless! Install them horizontally across a room, inside a tray ceiling, or even as a vertical column wrap. 

Every Barron Designs’ box beam can be customized to the length you need. Our box beams are available in custom sizes up to 48 feet long with your choice of joint configuration. Conversely, the length of solid beams is limited by the height of the trees being harvested.

Ease of Installation

The heavy weight of solid beams will likely require engineering and foundation work to ensure that the structure can handle the excess weight. Before you install lightweight box beams, you only need to ensure the installation surface is structurally sound and in good condition. 

Solid beams are complicated to install, so hiring a professional is recommended. Cedar box beams are DIY-friendly, making them a more affordable choice. Just follow our detailed installation instructions, and you’ll have a completely transformed room in a matter of hours!

Frequently Asked Questions

With hollow box beams, you don’t sacrifice appearance. Skilled artisans hand make, distress, and finish every faux cedar beam to give them the same look and texture as a solid wood beam. Unlike a solid wood beam, box beams can be customized to the length you need.

Compared to solid beams, box beams are much lighter in weight and are easy to install with the help of one other person. If you have unsightly imperfections on your ceiling like ductwork, electrical wires, or structural supports, you can use a cedar-wrapped beam to cover it.

Our line of cedar faux beams are hollow, box beams made of real cedar. Our high-density polyurethane faux beams are also hollow but are made of high-density polyurethane foam.

Compared to solid wood beams, box beams are more affordable to purchase, ship, install, and maintain. Faux cedar box beams are lightweight and easy to manage. Installing faux cedar beams is DIY-friendly, saving you the cost of hiring a professional. 

Over their lifetime, box beams are cheaper to maintain, and are resistant to cracking and warping. Solid wood beams are prone to cracking and may need to be replaced.

Installing cedar faux beams is an easy, DIY project that doesn’t require any special skills. Before installation, make sure your drywall or other installation surface is in good condition. Then, using simple tools and materials, our detailed installation instructions guide you through step-by-step.