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Columns FAQ

FAQ: How are faux column wraps different from column sleeves? - A faux column wrap is composed of 2 or more interlocking pieces and can be wrapped around a post or structural beam. A column sleeve is 1 piece and slides over a post or structural beam.

FAQ: Why don’t your columns come with column caps? - To allow for maximum creativity and flexibility with your installation column caps are sold separately. Also many column installations don’t require a cap, so we don’t want you to pay for something you can’t use.

FAQ: Can your columns be used outside? - Yes, our faux columns are perfect for outdoor use as faux driveway columns and faux stone porch column wraps. They’re resistant to moisture, sun, fading and deterioration from pests.

FAQ: Can your columns be used inside? - Yes, our faux columns are a great way to dress up the interior of any room.

FAQ: What are the columns made of? - Most of our column lines are made from high density polyurethane. The Tumbled Stone and Ashford Ledgestone and columns are made out of a very durable, medium density polyethylene.

FAQ: Can I cover an existing beam or post with a faux column? - Absolutely. You will want to purchase from our selection of faux column wraps. Since they ship in 2 or more pieces they are easy to install around your existing structure. Just confirm that the inner dimensions of the style you select are larger than the structure you are looking to cover.

FAQ: How do you cut your columns? - Our columns can be cut very easily with any good wood cutting tool. Instructions on how to cut our products can be found in installation section of our website.

FAQ: How do I know how much caulking to use? - We recommend 1 tube of caulk per column for most product lines.

FAQ: Do you make custom colors, sizes and textures? - Yes, for large volume orders it is possible to have custom designs or colors. Please call us for more information.

FAQ: Do you offer columns made of fire-rated polyurethane? - Yes many of our lines have a fire-rated polyurethane option. Products made of fire-rated polyurethane are more expensive and frequently have a longer lead time than products made from our standard high-density polyurethane.