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Barron Designs

BARRON DESIGNSCommitted to You

Barron Designs is dedicated to providing our customers with outstanding personalized service and high-quality products.

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Costs Much Less Than Traditional, Natural Products

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Designed for Seamless Integration and Easy Installation

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Largest Selection of Styles and Textures in the Industry

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Hand-Painted by Artisans to Look Just Like the Real Thing


For commercial building designs, it's important to consider cost, labor, time and how well everything looks when finished. You need something that will look great, stand the test of time, save on installation and have little to no long term maintenance. Barron Designs products are ideal design elements for retail spaces, storefronts, displays and more.

Each panel, beam, or column is molded for a realistic look while offering unmatched durability. It’ll be hard to tell they aren’t real rock, wood, brick or stone once installed. Their polyurethane material also weighs a fraction of real stone, ensuring an installation that will take less time, money and manpower, and that won’t require added supports or mortar

Low to no maintenance is guaranteed with our faux products and siding. They were designed to withstand wind, rain, deterioration, pests, UV and more. Which means no matter what the weather or exposure, they'll stay looking great far longer than the real thing.