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Builders and Contractors have different needs when it comes to residential and commercial construction compared to Architects, Designers and Home Owners. Our support staff features knowledgeable design engineers and consultants with degrees in engineering and years of experience who understand those needs. We have numerous services that can be of assistance to builders and contractors.

If you’re in need of blueprint takeoffs, job quotes and cost effective alternative for builds then we can be of assistance. Not only do we have the staff to help you, our panels have numerous benefits that will make your work less labor and time intensive. Made from high-density polyurethane, our panels require little or no long term maintenance, do not suffer from deterioration like real stone or brick, and need no special cleaners.

Our products are designed withstand the elements and many available with fire rated Polyurethane perfect for interiors and for states, territories and municipalities which require fire rated materials on exteriors. Whatever your need, we can supply the product and the expertise necessary to make your plans go off without a hitch.

Saves Time and Labor:
Our polyurethane panels weigh on average 1 – 1.5 lbs per square foot. Compared to real stone, brick and rock this is a fraction of the weight. This means that build crews will have a far easier time lifting, carrying and installing our panels.

Simple to Install:
Following proper installation procedures, our panels are virtually maintenance free and will not crack, split or separate like real stone and brick mortar work. There’s also no need for wire meshes to install the product. Another major advantage is that Barron Designs products are easy to cut and miter as necessary for the space they’re being installed. Virtually any cutting tool will do the job whether a band saw, table saw, jig saw or a simple hand saw.

Fire Rated Polyurethane Available:
Some states and municipalities require fire rated materials for exterior applications due to issues with heat and wildfires. Our Fire Rated Polyurethane panels are perfect for interiors and durable enough for exterior applications. They’re also a great fit for chimney exteriors, backsplashes, and around fireplaces given the correct amount of clearance space.

Benefits for Builders:

  • Simple to cut and miter
  • Fire Rated Polyurethane available
  • Weighs 1-1.5 lbs per Square Foot
  • Requires less time and manpower
  • No special cleaners needed
  • No Long Term Maintenance