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Drainage Mat


$295.00 / each

Production Time Approx. 3 to 4 weeks *This is an estimate based upon size of order

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Drainage mats for exterior home projects are becoming more common in the US and a requirement in Canada. By adding drainage mats underneath your panels you increase moisture control and improve air quality by allowing the house to breath. Drainage mats also decrease the chance of water leaks due to weather and increase energy efficiency. The air pocket created by drainage mats help wind-driven rain and moisture to dry out and escape more easily, decreasing the chance of any water trapped underneath the panels.

Our charcoal drainage mat (DM-3611R) provides approximately 325 square feet of coverage and meets the Canadian Building Code requirements for moisture control, drainage and capillary breaks. The charcoal drainage mat is also more economical and Earth-friendly, being made from recycled polypropylene.

Our moisture control products offer increase home efficiency and provide peace of mind knowing you have that extra bit of protection.

Benefits of Drainage Mats:

  • Provides moisture control
  • Charcoal (DM-3611R) meets Canadian Building Codes
  • Can increase energy efficiency
  • Decrease chance of water leaks

Drainage mats provide a sense of comfort and peace of mind knowing that your home is safer from water and moisture control related issues.

The DM-3611R Drainage Mat meets the Canadian Building Codes and is required for most exterior installations done in Canada. Please check and comply with all regional and local Building Codes.

Use of a drainage mat is required as part of our product warrantee for exterior installations.

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