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How Wainscoting Panels Can Spruce Up an Exterior

How Wainscoting Panels Can Spruce Up an Exterior

Faux stone wainscoting panels are easy to cut to size and install even in tricky spots like doorways and corners.

We often hear stories from our customers about how small changes to their homes make a big difference. This is especially true when it comes to livening up exterior features.

Wainscoting Exterior Transforms a Home

One great example of how wainscoting panels can uplift your home was recently sent to us by customer Holli Verhovsek. Holli used a product like Somerset Dry Stack to totally transform her home’s exterior.

This home's exterior wainscoting was bland and boring concrete block.
BEFORE: Holli's original siding was finished with bland and boring concrete blocks.

Holli’s challenge was replacing her home's boring concrete block wainscoting with something more exciting. Her first choice was stone or brick, but the cost of laying actual bricks, or using real stone, was prohibitive.

That’s where our stone veneer wainscoting panels came in. Like many other people, Holly found the faux panels offer a brilliant way to achieve an exterior design idea.

Our dry stack panels are molded directly from authentic dry stack walling. They're vividly rendered in durable polyurethane for a finish that's almost identical to the real thing. Using them, Holli was able to get the classic look she was looking for. Her exterior walls sprang to life!

Dry stack wainscoting panels are installed on this home's exterior, transforming the look of the house.
AFTER: panels covered just a fraction of the exterior but transformed it entirely.

Installing Wainscoting Exterior Is Easy and Fast

Holli’s original, broad concrete wainscoting was the perfect canvas for installing faux stone panels to use as a wainscoting exterior. First, you attach polypropylene drainage mats required by local and regional building codes. Next, you attach the interlocking faux panels themselves.

Each panel is attached to the drainage mat with regular construction adhesive. Then, secure the panels to the concrete wall with screws set at twelve-inch intervals. Each panel interlocks for a quick, seamless appearance.

Holli didn’t tell us exactly how long it took to install the stunning wainscoting panels. Still, customers who’ve completed similar projects have often boasted of finishing the project in a single weekend – or less!

This video will come in handy if you decide to use faux wood or stone paneling when installing your wainscoting exterior:

The Results Speak for Themselves

As you can see from Holli's before and after photos above, the results are impressive. What’s really great about Holli’s project was how a small change made such a vivid difference. All she had to do was add stone veneer to a small area of her home's exterior.

Have you had similar results using our faux stone panels for interior or exterior projects? If so, we’d love to see pictures. Email us at

Why Use Faux Stone Wainscoting Panels vs. Real Stone?

From appearance alone, many people can't tell the difference between faux and authentic stone. So if you're not sacrificing in appearance, why not take advantage of the many benefits of faux materials?

For starters, stone veneer costs a fraction of real stone or brick – both to buy and ship. The next advantage is that faux materials are easy to install and take a fraction of the time compared to real stone. Plus, you can probably install them yourself!Finally, the products last for years without wearing down.

Can You Really Use Faux Stone Wainscoting Outside?

Yes, you can absolutely use our faux stone wainscoting panels on the exterior of your home! Because they're made from high-density polyurethane, the panels can withstand extreme climate conditions, including high wind, moisture, harsh cold, and scorching sun.

Another bonus is that the panels don’t attract insects or pests. They will continue to look great without fading, cracking, or peeling for many years.

More Exterior Wainscoting Ideas

Our faux stone panels add vibrancy to any home exterior project, whether you install the panels as wainscoting or use them to embellish a feature like a pool, garden, or patio kitchen.

Frame an Exterior Door.

Novi Dry Stack in Flint faux panels used as wainscoting to frame an exterior door.

Enrich Your Front Porch.

Novi Cobblestone in Castle faux panels enrich a front porch.

Beautifully Disguise Your Foundations.

Novi Dry Stack in Anthracite faux panels disguise a home's foundations.

Elevate Your Raised Patio.

Novi Dry Stack in Anthracite faux panels add the finishing touch to the foundations of a raised patio.

Embellish Your Garage Doors.

Wainscoting panels fit snugly between garage doors.

You can trim faux stone panels with a regular wood saw – making it a snap to install around fittings like garage doors.

Add Vibrancy to Your Pool Landscaping.

Faux stone panels create a natural, warm look by the pool.

Refine your poolside landscaping with full wall stone veneer to max out those long summer nights.

Dress Up Your Stepped Garden.

Faux stone panels make a retaining wall blend into the natural surrounds.

Add color and flair to a stepped garden with a faux stone panel retaining wall.

Enhance Your Outdoor Kitchen.

An outdoor kitchen featuring faux stone panels.

Faux stone panels create a welcoming atmosphere in this outdoor kitchen.

Grace Your Mobile Home Skirting.

Faux panels liven up mobile home skirting.

Like wainscoting exterior, our faux stone or brick veneer panels make ideal mobile home skirting.

Explore Our Wainscoting Panels

Any of our faux panels or exterior siding can be used as wainscoting – so your design choices are endless!