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Home Remodeling: Take the Plunge with Faux Panels

Home Remodeling: Take the Plunge with Faux Panels

Our galleries are filled with hundreds of photos of stunning customer projects - from elegant living rooms to charmingly rustic kitchens and home exteriors. We find these pictures serve as great inspiration for potential customers poised to take the plunge - but sometimes, people need just a little more...

One of the reoccurring comments we receive from customers is: "Why did I wait so long to do this?" Once they realize how straightforward the whole process of ordering and installing the panels is, they wonder why they ever delayed.

But hesitation is a natural instinct - especially when embarking on a project that involves an investment of both time and money. Hopefully the following advice will help if you're poised to take take the plunge; but not quite ready to hit 'buy now' yet.

1 - Do your research.

Normally, most customers start with a vague idea of what they want to do with our panels, and go from there. Sometimes it's as simple as "I want stone siding on the exterior" or "I want to resurface that fireplace in brick." But moving from the vague to the specific is often the biggest step to turning an idea into reality.

Our advice is to start researching online about the specifics of your project. If you're considering a faux stone accent wall, for example, start to research real stone accent walls from luxury hotels or historic homes. Pictures online will often help you narrow your vision to a specific style of stone or brick.

Next, do some research in your area. Different regions of America have different styles of stone and it makes a lot of sense to pick a style that is appropriate. Choosing a style that matches your region can really make the difference in turning a good looking remodel into a truly spectacular one.

Home exterior sided with Norwich panels

2 - Talk to our experts.

Once you've narrowed down the style of panels you want, and where you want to install them, it's time to pick up the phone. One of the reasons Barron Designs is the most-trusted and one of the longest-standing manufacturers and suppliers of faux panels is because we invest the time and effort in training a world-class customer experience and design support team who can help you make all the important decisions about what you need to buy.

Start a live chat or call them at (800) 651-4223 Monday-Friday from 9-5 (EST) and start discussing what you need. They'll be able to advise you on the things that take more than guesswork - how to install your panels on different surfaces, what installation tools you'll need  and how much overage to factor in. They'll also be able to advise you on what accessories you might need - like drainage mats for exterior applications - and challenges like cornering and mitering.

Once you've discussed your project with one of our experts, you'll feel much more confident about embarking on your project and that takes you onto the final step:

3 - Carve our enough time to complete the project.

So many enterprising homeowners promise they'll get to their project "someday" - but that day never comes. A key step to completing a remodel is to schedule a specific time to actually get it completed - to clear the decks of all other projects and just do it.

By dedicating a weekend or extended periods across several weekdays to focus on nothing but your project is a great way to instill the discipline needed to complete it. Many of our customers report that this step - dedicating the time - is the one that was key to helping them get the project done.

It's such a great piece of advice that many of our customers report that they've adopted it for every project they've embarked on since then - from gutter cleaning to emptying the garage out!

Before and after picture of kitchenette with new stone style backsplash created with Norwich panels.

Hopefully these tips and tricks will give you the confidence and motivation to take the plunge. Trust us, you'll be thankful when you do, and don't forget to share the photos with us!