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Quick Start Guide - Faux Beams Installation Instructions

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General Tools and Materials:

24 Hours Before Starting

Acclimate all beams by storing them flat in the installation location (but away from moisture and direct sunlight or other heat sources) for at least 24 hours.

Beam Installation

  1. Mark guidelines for the installation using a chalk line or painters tape.
  2. Cut wood mounting blocks to fit inside the beam with about 1/8” (1/16” per side) clearance. You will need (1) block for each end and (1) every 2-3 feet running the length of the beam.
  3. Screw wood mounting blocks into studs along the ceiling. If studs are not available, install blocks with toggle bolts. Remove painters tape guidelines (if used).
  4. Mark the location of the mounting blocks by placing painters tape about 1.5” away from the side of the block. (Figure A)
  5. Dry fit the beam to the ceiling. Trim if necessary.
  6. Apply adhesive to the sides of the mounting blocks.
  7. Slide the beam over the mounting blocks and secure by slightly countersinking (2) screws on each side of every mounting block (Figure B). Remove painters tape.
  8. Touch up by adding color coordinating caulk to the screw holes. If necessary, apply caulk to joints and gaps. Once the caulk is dry use paint from the touch up kit to further conceal the screw heads.
  • Our products may have screws embedded below the surface. We recommend using a hand saw (not power tools) when cutting these products. You may locate screws with a stud finder. Barron Designs is not responsible for any bodily harm or damage to your equipment if power tools are used.
  • Beams are for decorative purposes only. They are not to be used for structural support, bracing or suspension of objects.

  • Ensure surface is structurally sound and in good condition. Surfaces such as drywall should be flat and smooth to minimize gaps.
  • Be sure to obey all safety rules and recommendations set forth by tool manufacturers.
  • Wear safety glasses during the entire installation process.
  • Be sure to follow all applicable building codes.
  • Always comply with clearances set forth by the manufacturer of stoves, fireplaces, furnaces, and any other heat source.