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Recessed Lights in Beams Installation Instructions

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General Tools and Materials:

Installation Overview
  • Consult a licensed electrician if your installation requires electrical work that you are unfamiliar with.
  • Follow local building and fire codes as well as the light manufacturer’s recommended clearances.
  • Turn electricity off prior to starting any electrical work.
  • Pull all electrical prior to installing the beam and lights.
  • Wear safety glasses during the entire installation process.


Step 1:

Measure Beam

Ensure your fixture has adequate clearance inside the beam.

Step 2:

Mark Location of the Hole

Determine the location of your light. Mark the cut based on the light manufacturers instructions/template.

Step 3:

Cut Holes

Step 4:

Install Beam

Install the beam based on the appropriate installation guide over the electrical work. Ensure that all electrical has been pulled prior to gluing and screwing the beam in place.

Step 5:

Connect the Light Fixture to the Electrical Supply

Step 6:

Insert Fixture

Insert fixture into the beam and finish according to light fixture manufacturer instructions.