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Using Wood Beams in Different Design Styles

Using Wood Beams in Different Design Styles

Wood Beams for all Kinds of Different Styles

Exposed ceiling beams are a creative way to bring dynamic style to your home, and framing your doorways can transform the look of any room. Entryways, living areas, kitchens and bedrooms can all benefit from the addition of wood beams.

When you hear “wood beams,” you might think of rustic homes. But there’s a beam to fit every style — from modern to coastal and beyond. No matter what your taste, you’ll find a beam that will impress your guests, and make you proud of your home. Learn more about how you can incorporate wood beams into these seven popular styles:

Traditional Style

Elegant and timeless, traditional style homes are all about coordinating antique pieces alongside classic colors and patterns. Heritage faux wood beams have a weathered grain pattern and sweeping lines that mimic the appearance of well-aged wood beams, making them ideal for traditional homes. Using one as a central beam along your living room ceiling will elongate the room and draw the eye upward. Add some floral throw pillows and your favorite antique lamp for the finishing touches.

Boho Chic Style

Boho chic is all about bringing the outside world inside.  Beachwood beams are a charming way to make your bedroom feel like a peaceful retreat. Their realistic finish brings the natural appearance that makes boho chic so popular, and their lighter color complements the airy, calming feel. Include macrame wall hangings and lots of potted plants to finish the look.

Modern Style

When you’re looking for an impressive style that doesn’t feel dated, modern elements are the perfect choice for your home. Use  resawn faux wood beams to frame your doorways for a creative and striking entrance. Metallic accents and your favorite black-and-white photographs will round out the aesthetic. Modern style is all about creating rooms that feel comfortable and reflect your personality, so don’t be afraid to add unique touches that make your home feel like you.

Transitional Style

Mixing elements of traditional and modern looks, transitional style allows you to pick and choose the pieces of each style that you like, and incorporate them into one cohesive look.  Heavy sandblasted beams offer the pattern of traditional beams with the modern style of resawn beams to create an intriguing through-line in your living or dining room. Include rafters to make any room look even more grand.

Farmhouse Style

Rustic farmhouse style evokes childhood memories of time spent with loved ones.  Rough hewn faux wood beams are the perfect choice to bring charm and coziness to your dining room and kitchen. Opt for a whitewashed or unfinished look to keep the room feeling large and airy. For a final homey touch, hang your cookware, and line shelves with photos and other memorabilia.

Industrial Style

Industrial style is all about evoking an edgy, hip atmosphere.  Hand hewn faux wood beams look impressive when paired with bold metal and leather decor elements. Hang exposed lights to emphasize the warehouse vibe and display your favorite vinyl albums on the wall. Industrial style often involves exposed brick, so choosing a dark shade for your beams will help complement the red tones of the brick.

Coastal Style

Breezy and relaxing, a living area decorated in coastal style will evoke your favorite memories of the beach.  Driftwood beams are a beautiful addition to your home’s ceilings, and will make you feel like you’re spending time at a peaceful seaside retreat. Pair the beams with linen curtains and oceanic art to complete the look.

The Advantages of Faux Wood Beams

Wood beams are impressive, but they can be expensive to both purchase and install. Sourcing a beam that is big enough to be used on the ceiling is a difficult task, and its considerable weight means that lifting and attaching it safely requires professional skills and tools.

When you choose a faux wood beam, you receive the same eye-catching look without the weight or cost. Our faux wood beams are engineered to replicate the natural grain patterns of real wood — and since they’re made of high-density polyurethane, you’ll never have to worry about pests, cracks or fading. They are simple to install and don’t require any special tools. You’ll be able to change the look of your home in as little as a weekend.

Discover Your Style

Are you feeling inspired? You can take our  design quiz to discover which style fits you — from traditional to coastal. You’ll learn all about the basics of each look, and see recommended products to help bring your design dreams to life. Once you know your style, transform your home with Barron Designs by having the panels, beams and columns you need delivered right to your door.

The Barron Designs Promise

Barron Designs has been part of the business remodeling and home improvement industry since 1972. We strive to provide some of the most innovative and cost-effective faux building materials on the market today. We offer a variety of products from  stone and brick veneer panels to columns that will beautify, enhance and improve a multitude of applications including storefronts, trade show displays, home interiors, exterior design, ceilings, offices and more.

Barron Designs is proud to support you and your design projects. From initial planning to implementation, you’ll receive the expertise you need to complete your projects with confidence.  Shop our faux beams today!