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Mobile Home Exterior Siding Ideas

Mobile Home Exterior Siding Ideas

“Home sweet home” doesn’t mean as much without a dash of your own personality. And let’s be honest, most mobile homes are built in a factory and shipped straight to your lot. This means your home’s boxy exterior might look similar or the same as others.

However, there are ways you can add character to your mobile home that are equally as stunning as they are budget-friendly. Installing new siding or skirting to your mobile home’s exterior comes with a lot of advantages, including the addition of unique style, lower energy bills, and an increased resale value.

Some siding and skirting types like wood, stone, and brick tend to be expensive and far too heavy for you to manage on your own. With lightweight, inexpensive products like faux exterior siding, you can bring color, texture, and unique style to your mobile home.

Benefits of Faux Exterior Siding for Your Mobile Home

So, what is faux exterior siding and how does it benefit you? Let’s start with a brief overview of the two faux exterior siding products we offer.

Anson Fieldstone in Ponderosa

Our collection of faux stone, brick, wood, and river rock panels are made of durable high-density polyurethane and are installed using adhesive and screws.

Novik Fieldstone in Adirondacks

Our line of Novik faux exterior siding panels are made of molded polypropylene and are installed using starter strips and nails, just like vinyl siding. Exterior siding panels are also available in various faux stone, brick, wood, and river rock styles.

Both products can be installed on the exterior of your mobile home, and offer the following:

  • Easy-to-follow install instructions for both exterior siding and faux wall panel products
  • Increases curb appeal and resale value of your home
  • Provides a finished, polished look
  • Can lower heating and cooling bills
  • Sets your mobile home apart from the rest
  • Gives your mobile home the look of permanency
  • Can help prevent extra moisture from building up underneath the mobile home
  • Resistant to harsh climates, won’t fade in the sun, and resistant to pests
  • Easy to clean and requires little to no maintenance

If you’re interested in discovering more about our high-density polyurethane faux wall panels, check out our wide range of products.

Ready to learn how our exterior siding panels can add a pop of pizazz to your mobile home? Keep reading for inspiration to get your project underway!

4 Beautiful Mobile Home Exterior Siding Ideas

Barron Design’s exterior siding products are extremely versatile and can completely transform the exterior of your mobile home. Take a look at these mobile home exterior siding ideas, pick one or two favorites, and you’re well on your way to having the most eye-catching home on your block.

1. Mobile Home Underpinning/Skirting

Your skirting/underpinning plays a big role in the look and functionality of your home. Upgrading mobile home skirting can increase the value of your home, help keep excess moisture out, and instantly set it apart from the rest.

Novik faux stone siding as skirting on a mobile home

Faux Stone Siding as Skirting

Faux stone siding as mobile home skirting provides a lasting natural stone look and gives the appearance that your home was built on a stacked stone foundation.

Here, this homeowner used Novik Dry Stack Faux Stone Siding in Basalt.

Novik faux brick siding as skirting on a manufactured home

Faux Brick Siding as Skirting

Add the timeless, elegant look of brick to your mobile home with Faux Brick Exterior Siding Panels.

This home features Novik Faux Brick Siding Panels in Red Used Blend.

2. Feature Enhancements

By highlighting just one feature on your mobile home’s exterior, you can draw the eye to its best asset, and instantly boost curb appeal. Use faux exterior siding to enhance the look of your windows, doorways, porches, or front steps.

Novik faux stacked stone exterior siding highlights the large window of a mobile home

Faux Stacked Stone to Highlight a Large Front Window

The large window at the front of this mobile home is brought to life with the attractive dimension of Novik Faux Stacked Stone Siding in Brownstone.

Novik faux stacked stone exterior siding highlights the large window of a mobile home

Rough Sawn Faux Cedar Shakes to Enhance a Doorway

Create a charming, welcoming entryway with the look of authentic cedar shakes surrounding your front door. Novik Rough Sawn Cedar Shake Exterior Panels in Rockaway Gray give this entryway a whole new vibe.

3. Pair Siding with Architectural Accents

Replacing dull, dated, or damaged siding with faux wood, brick, or stone can take your mobile home from basic to extraordinary. You can even kick it up a notch by adding bold, architectural elements to your exterior like iron porch railings, a modern front door, or accents with contrasting colors.

Novik Cobblestone faux stone siding in Onyx

Pick an Exterior Siding Style in a Contrasting Color

This mobile home owner used Novik Faux Cobblestone Siding Panels in Onyx, a bold color that completely contrasts against the bright white porch railing. This look is both striking and gorgeous!

Novik Northern Shake Siding Panels in Rockaway Gray

Pair Your Mobile Home Siding with Dark Trimmed Windows

The black trimmed windows of this mobile home pop up against the Novik Northern Shake Siding Panels in Rockaway Gray.

Add a black iron porch railing or a front door in a bold color, and you’ve got an architectural masterpiece!

4. Mix and Match for a Dynamic Look

No rule says you can’t use more than one siding style. Take two or three of your favorite faux exterior siding panels in complimentary colors for a home exterior that’s full of character.

Exterior mobile home siding inspiration using multiple products

Create a Mobile Home Exterior With Tons of Visual Interest

This exterior mobile home siding idea uses multiple different faux exterior siding products to achieve a head-turning look. The windows on the left and the above entryway are highlighted with Novik Hand Split Cedar Shakes in Sandstone. Below the windows, this mobile home is skirted with Novik Premium Hand Cut Faux Stone Siding in Shadow Gray.

Choosing the Best Exterior Siding for Your Mobile Home

Once you’ve decided which exterior mobile home siding idea you like best, it's time to take a look at your siding style and color options. Each panel variety is available in multiple colors, so you’re sure to find the one that suits your tastes.

Unsure which to choose? Order samples now!

When selecting a color, consider one that blends in with your home’s natural surroundings. Or, for a bolder look, pick a color that completely stands out. In the end, the exterior siding style and color you choose should reflect your personality and give you the home you’ve dreamed of.

Faux exterior siding is an easy and affordable solution for any mobile home upgrade. If you’re on the fence, take a look at this recent blog that compares the costs of several different types of siding.

How Much Does Exterior Siding Cost?