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Save up to $350 with code FALL22 - Shop Now

Fall in love with your home! Fall Sale - Save up to $350

Fall 2022 Sale - Save up to $350 with code FALL22

Fall in love with your home.  

Your home. Your style. Your story. Fall is finally here, update your space to cozy fall perfection in a look that’s uniquely yours. Our handcrafted beams, panels, and columns provide inspiration for that one-of-a-kind space that reflects your style and personality.


Act now with these savings to finish your project before the holidays!


Save up to $350 on panels, beams and columns! 

$20 off $250

$50 off $500

$150 off $1,000

$350 off $2,000


Hurry, this sale ends 10/3! Use code FALL22.


Excludes samples and shipping.