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Waste Not Want Not with Decorative Beams

Waste Not Want Not with Decorative Beams

An inevitable part of home remodeling and redesign is a lot of wasted material - but one enterprising customer managed to reduce the leftovers with some strategic thinking.

Waste Not, Want Not With Decorative Beams

Turning the matte white ceiling into a gorgeous ceiling design was easily achieved through the placement of multiple parallel faux wood beams. In the dining room, a candelabra and false beams gave a period look and feel.

Cesar Hinojosa, from southern California, is a big fan of our faux wood beams. So much so, in fact, that he used our faux timber decorative beams to produce not one, but two stunning ceiling designs in his beautiful home.

In the dining room, he used our thick timber beams to perfectly recreate the look of period timber framework - crossing the roof ahead in much the same way beams would have done in Victorian (and older) homes.

Cesar then completed the period look with a tarnished brass candelabra; the perfect match!

For the mezzanine, Cesar did something truly brilliant. By crisscrossing our faux wood beams, he created a stylish faux wood crosshatched pattern which gives a beautiful Mediterranean feel to the high ceiling. It's the perfect way to feel like you're dining al fresco even indoors.

Home remodeling with faux wood can create all the same beautiful designs as real wood while saving you time and money on the project. A crisscrossed false beam pattern added a beautiful detail to this high-ceilinged section of the home.

But what topped the project off was not the big stuff Cesar did - but the details.

In addition to those two rooms, Cesar brilliantly created a false beam ceiling for his corridor as well - with parallel beams that give the same period look as in his dining room.

What's so smart about that, you ask?

Cesar perfectly planned this additional ceiling project and accomplished it without having to invest in any extra beams.

Making full use of the decorative beams, Cesar made sure that even the scrap end pieces from the beams in his dining room could ultimately be used to enhance other portions of his home. Thanks to careful planning, Cesar was left with faux beam end-pieces that were perfectly-sized for using in his corridor.

Our beams are available in a wide variety of lengths, so Cesar simply ordered them longer than he had to.

When it came time to install, they had to be cut to size anyway - an easy enough task, which can be accomplished with a regular wood saw - so Cesar made sure the "scraps" were long enough to be put to good use instead of being thrown on the garbage pile.

Cesar's example shows just how important it is to plan your ceiling designs not just before you begin installation, but also before you order.

You don't want to waste valuable materials throwing unnecessarily long end pieces away - but neither do you want to wind up short and have to put your project on hold while you reorder additional faux wood products.

Have you come up with any uses for scrap faux wood that rival Cesar's?

If so, we'd love to hear about it - and see pictures! Email them to us at - maybe we'll even feature them here!