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Treat Your Living Room to a Faux Wood Makeover

Treat Your Living Room to a Faux Wood Makeover

The living room is an essential part of your home's overall look and feel. Whether it's a formal area designated for entertaining guests, a bustling family hub or a quiet, cozy place to read and reflect, your living room's design should be planned with care to serve its purpose well.

Treat Your Living Space to a Faux Wood Makeover

While furniture, paint, rugs and other accessories are important elements in a living room makeover, an overlooked ceiling has the potential to throw off the entire balance of your decor. From professional builders to DIY homeowners, we have received numerous photos over the years from customers who have chosen faux beams to add beautiful wood detail and harmony to their living room makeovers.

Here are just a few of our favorite examples - you can see even more ideas on our Pinterest boards or at our photo gallery.
Living room makeover with unstained, sandblasted faux beams. This living room was treated to Sandblasted beams, ordered unstained and painted to match the customer's specific needs. Faux timber beams complement a living room's window trim beautifully. Timber beams synchronize perfectly with the window trim, creating a balanced living room design
I accidentally found while swimming around the internet looking for design idea's for my NYC apartment. After having visited the website multiple times I decided to purchase 4 beams for my living room. The beams arrived and my girlfriend and I carried them up 17 stories, thankfully they were light as a feather...No one believes these beams are not real. I have unique taste in design and honestly have to say these beams are one of the most beautiful things I have ever had in ANY of my spaces. WE LOVE OUR FAUX WOOD BEAMS!!! - Renee, New York, NY
A living room with a view gets an update with heavy sandblasted fake wood beams. Heavy Sandblasted beams in a lovely living room with a view. A stunning living room design with modified king trusses created from Heavy Sandblasted faux beams. Stunning living room with modified king trusses created with Heavy Sandblasted beams