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Transforming All Star Burgers, Using Faux Wood Beams

Transforming All Star Burgers, Using Faux Wood Beams

A lot of people think our false beams are used for making modern homes look older - but that's not always the case. We recently sold a shipment of our Custom Woodland Faux Beams to an All Star burger restaurant - and what they did them was nothing less than cutting-edge.

Faux Wood Beams Give All Star Burgers a Modern Look

Our Custom Woodland faux wood beams adorn the ceiling of the All Star Burger restaurant in Bee Cave, Texas and add an interesting detail to the atmosphere. Although still being constructed, it's clear that the suspended faux wood ceiling will look amazing.

If you haven't heard of them before, All Star Burger is a restaurant chain that promises to bring the traditional burger right up to date, with all-American farm grown ingredients like 100% antibiotic and hormone free beef, plus a choice of unexpected toppings and a full selection of wines and beers to choose from.

Part of their modern outlook is represented by the decor; which encompasses classic Americana with contemporary design details; like those built from our faux wood beams.

Suspended from the ceiling of this in-construction All Star Burger venue is a lattice of faux wood beams, hanging by wires. It provides a dramatic focal point to the ceiling, while still allowing access to wiring, air conditioning and all the other essentials needed to operate the site.

Always make certain to follow proper installation techniques and Building Code requirements when installing artifical beams in your home, business, restaurant or anywhere else. Wires suspend the beams inches below the ceiling - allowing easy access to all the important wires, cables and pipes hidden above the roof panels.

The All Star Burger design team were able to achieve this look because our faux wood beams are lightweight and versatile. It takes just a few wires to secure this lattice to the ceiling, and the entire design required only basic carpentry skills to put together.

The finished product is awe-inspiring; and will look even better once the tables, chairs and other fixtures are in place.

A suspended lattice is just one modern take on our faux wood products. If you've got examples of other cutting-edge designs created using our synthetic wood products, we'd love to see them. Email pictures to us at We might even feature them here!