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The Quicker Sticker Upper

The Quicker Sticker Upper

Use The Quicker Sticker Upper

Insulating Concrete Form

One of the best things that's happened to building construction in the past 15 years is the Insulating Concrete Form, or ICF. This interlocking system for sandwiching poured concrete between two layers of insulating foam is the greatest thing since ... well, you know.

Anyway, once you've made one of these energy-efficient wall sandwiches, you need to cover it with something. And one of the options, for the inside or outside, is faux paneling. Naturally.

So here's the tip. To cover an ICF wall with faux paneling, use the quicker sticker upper. Otherwise known as Handi-Stick®.

Handi-Stick is a cross between standard construction adhesive and spray foam. It comes in a cartridge, and you apply it with either a pro dispensing unit or a simple straw applicator. It comes out just like a bead of regular adhesive, but foamy.

Handi-StickSo why use it? Because you can apply it to the back of a panel, press the panel in place on the wall, hold it flat for a minute or two, let go, and -- you're done. That panel's stuck for good. Tight, flat, permanent. No drilling, no screwing, no screw holes to fill. Next panel, please.

Of course you do want to make sure you've marked exactly where it goes before you start squirting the Handi-Stick. That's true of any fastening method, but with this one we really mean it. You've got five minutes to make contact with the wall, and then just a few moments to nudge it into its forever home.