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The Benefits Of Using Salvaged Wood

The Benefits Of Using Salvaged Wood

For some people, even the intricate detail and realism of our polyurethane-molded ceiling beams is not enough.

They’re the customers we created our reclaimed wood beams for - but why choose these over new wood?

Benefits of Using Salvaged Wood

Here are some top reasons:

  • They’re more affordable. Our salvaged wood beams are sourced from authentic turn-of-the-century American buildings. Because one piece can be used to make several of beams, they are considerably more cost-effective.
  • They’re easier to install. Solid timber beams can weigh over 400lbs. By contrast, these versions often weigh in at less than 50lbs. That makes a big difference – installing them doesn’t require any special equipment, and you don’t need to reinforce your ceiling as you might with a solid beam.
  • They’re more practical. The beams are built as a u-shape or 4-sided box, which means you can run wires and pipes inside them. That gives enormous flexibility in installation, allowing you to really capture a period look and feel by hiding modern wiring and piping.
  • They’re adaptable. Because you can run wires invisibly through them, an entire host of installation options open up that wouldn’t with a solid wood beam: How about recessed lights, for example? You can also order the beams closed in on all four sides, which means you can make some exciting tresses with them.
  • They’re authentic. The final reason why they're a great choice is they're made from real wood. Although our faux alternatives are practically indistinguishable from the real thing once installed, sometimes only the true material will do.