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The 12 Best Home Design Projects of 2017 (Faux Wood)

The 12 Best Home Design Projects of 2017 (Faux Wood)

Faux Wood Home Design Projects - 2017

As 2017 finally wraps up, we've been taking a moment to go through the dozens of posts we've shared with you this year. what a ride!

It's been tricky, but after hours of arguing we've picked our twelve favorite home design design projects of 2017 - one for each month. Not everybody agreed with the ones that we finally decided on - and if you think different, don't be shy about letting us know in the comments section below.

January - Replicating Load-Bearing Beams in a Living Room

Jon Sinder gave us a brilliant example of how to mirror the placement of structural beams, so that your faux beam ceiling looks even more realistic.

Grid pattern beams in a living room.

February - Amazing Bedroom Makeover with Planks, Panels and Beams

This has to be one of the most spectacular projects we've featured all year - a combination of our beams, planks and stone style wall panels from our sister site, - which came together to create a stunning bedroom that wouldn't look out of place in a medieval castle.

Bedroom makeover with beams, planks and stone style wall panels.

March - DIY Outdoor Shower Wall with Barn Board Style

Russell used Wellington’s Reclaimed Barn Board Shiplap panels to accent his outdoor shower, which added incredible character to his outdoor kitchen and recreation area.

Outdoor shower wall covered in Wellington Barn Board panels.

April - This Ceiling Accent’s Got it Covered

New Jersey-based customer Daniel used a single Sandblasted Beam to cover an ugly eye-sore in his North Brunswick home - a project that took just minutes to install, but made an incredible difference to the look of his bedroom.

Bedroom with single Sandblasted beam.

May - Kitchen Remodel Idea: Top It Off With a Beam

One of our design watchwords is "less is more" and this project, sent into us by Gerard Williams, is the perfect demonstration of that. When Gerard remodeled his kitchen, he added a single  Custom Timber Beam in Rich Walnut to divide his kitchen and dining area. It's just one small detail - but makes a huge difference to the overall look.

Single kitchen beam with hanging lights.

June - DIY Man Cave Project: A Basement Transformed Into the Ultimate Hangout

Chris Orenga sent in some incredible photos of his North Carolina "man cave", which he brought to life with our beams and corbels, plus Random Rock panels from It's a beautiful transformation, and one we'd be excited to enjoy a cold one in.

Hunting lodge-style man cave

July - A Modern Home’s Remodel Adds Historic Character

When these customers from Kentucky wanted to remodel their home to match their hometown's entry on the National Register of Historic Places, our  Hand Hewn Cedar Beams in Cocoa helped fit the bill. Vividly realistic, they were used to cover supporting columns and create the look of timber beams, and turned a modern home into somewhere rich with historic character.

This modern home got a historic hand-hewn makeover.

August - Master Bedroom Makeover with Driftwood Beams

Ryan wanted to add some character to his modern bedroom - and the result was a stunningly realistic beam installation that vividly resembled how real exposed timber beams would look. We're really proud to see our products featured here - it's a great project.

Modern bedroom remodeled with faux beams.

September - Awe-Inspiring Interior Redesign: A Pro Reinvents Her Own Home

You could probably tell that a professional designer was behind this project - interior decorator Andrea Kleiver sent us pictures of her project that would blend seamlessly with those we've been featured on with the DIY Network and HGTV. In this instance she redesigned two of her rooms using Custom Heritage Beams in Rich Walnut and the end results speak for themselves - we're simply blown away at how this project turned out.

Living room redesign by interior decorator Andrea Kleiver.

October - Adding Beams to a Large Span Ceiling

Joe and Kasey presented us with an exciting challenge in October, when they struggled to span the length of their massive kitchen with a wooden beam. It was yet another project in which 'going faux' turned out to be better than the real thing; as two long lengths of our Custom Timber Beams spanned the stretch with ease, and after the application of a rubber beam strap looked like a single length of wood.

Kitchen with beam on long span ceiling

November - Elegant Home Design with Box Beams

Joy's heavenly Sonoma home needed a little extra character, so she invested in Wire Brushed and Barn Board Beams in Cocoa color. Using an astute design aesthetic and a real eye for detail, she wowed us all with this multi-room project.

Living room with Wire Brushed beams

December - Open Layout Room Transformation with Custom Timber

Our final favorite for 2017 is possibly the most astonishing. Eric Smith completely gutted and renovated the interior of his Pennsylvania home - and it's unrecognizable! Adding real stone features and   Custom Timber Beams, he created an interior that wouldn't look out of place in a museum. It's truly an astonishing achievement and we couldn't be prouder to have our products play a part in it.

Clean, characterful and stylish, Eric has really captured the look of a historic Pennsylvania home.