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Textured Wall Panels: Benefits & Tips for Decorating

Textured Wall Panels: Benefits & Tips for Decorating

Tips to decorate with Textured Wall Panels

Textured wall panels can be a wonderful way to create gorgeous interior designs, as well as exterior ones.  There are also many ways you can maximize the comforting effect of these panels, just by adding some creativity and a few simple elements.  With a bit of imagination, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to create truly unique designs with these panels and a few accompanying elements.  The amount of visual interest and character you’ll be able to add to a space is remarkable.

Regency Stacked Stone panels add rich texture a wine-themed dining room. Regency Stacked Stone panels add rich character to this dining area.

There are different types of textured wall paneling available, including those made from medium-density fibreboard, natural plant fibers and fibre-reinforced plastic.  Below, we’ll first take a look at the benefits of choosing faux stone for your panels.  Then, we’ll see some ways you can boost the visual appeal of spaces where you’ve installed them.

Soft elements like pillows, rugs and couches provide a nice contrast to a family room's stone textured wall. Soft elements like pillows, rugs and couches provide a nice contrast to the wall's stone texture.


In addition to looking exactly like the real thing, faux stone has the following advantages that will ensure you have an outstanding design in any room:

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Cost-effective and can fit any budget
  • Indistinguishable from the look and texture of real stone

Stacked stone veneer can be used give room dividers added style. Stacked stone panels in Toasted Vanilla divides these rooms with style

  • Constructed of high-density polyurethane, which protects against moisture and will not rot
  • Resistant to mold and fungus
  • Will not warp, crack, or chip

Stone textured wall panels create a beautiful accent wall in this stairwell. Stone textured wall panels create a bold accent wall.

  • Provide excellent sound insulation
  • Most of our panels are available with a Class A Fire rated option.
  • Can be used with water based finishes and stains
  • Non toxic

Stone textured siding in alternating shades of gray installed on a home's exterior. Random Rock panels in Tri-Gray give this home's exterior eye-catching texture and appeal.


The design advice below will allow you to achieve the greatest effect with your textured wall:

  • The right kind of lighting will bring out the lifelike texture of the panels, as you can see below. This tip shouldn’t be left out of your design.

Soft lighting adds a dramatic look to the dry stack wall panels in a cozy family room. Soft lighting highlight the texture of Wellington Dry Stack panels

  • Bring in some elements and accessories that add warmth.  These can be things like knitted throws over a cozy couch, pillows, bean bags, rugs, tufted ottomans, and similar items.
  • It’s a good idea to add accents with warm colors, like reds, yellows, and oranges. These things always help a room feel inviting and cheerful.

Stone look accent walls lit from above add vitality to this small living room. Stone look accent walls are a great way to add vitality to small rooms.

  • In smaller rooms, such as a back den, it’s not a bad idea to cover just a portion of the wall with the panels. With every wall covered with stone veneer, the effect may be too overwhelming.  Covering a small part of the wall will have a great effect, and also save you on costs.
  • For a more interesting look, you can cut the panels into customized shapes, and cover parts of the wall with your creation. Like in the image below, the result will be a space unlike any other, which you can call your own.

Faux riverstone panels cut into irregular shapes adds unique style to this bedroom. Cutting the panels into customized shapes can add unique flair to your room

  • Faux stone can be installed in just about any room, but they can also be used on walls outdoors.  Like in the image below, you can see how natural it looks; particularly when it’s surrounded by stone exterior accents.

Outdoor patio fence partially accented with stacked stone panels. Fake stone pairs perfectly with surrounding greenery in outdoor designs

  • Since stone is naturally united with vegetation in nature, plants always create a balanced and refreshing look when paired with the panels.

A dining room with a dry stack stone accent wall. Placing plants near your stone paneled wall adds a finishing touch to a room's decor.

What do you think?  Can you add any other tips that would enhance the look of these panels?