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Stone Veneer Panels That Are Truly Weatherproof

Stone Veneer Panels That Are Truly Weatherproof

Tested to extremes - the same panel at 72° F, -45° F and a baking 135° F

Our Stone Veneer Panels are Truly Weatherproof

When we say that our stone veneer panels are weatherproof, those aren’t just empty words. Each panel in our range is molded from tough, durable polyurethane and treated to be impervious to humidity, water and insect damage.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here are some of the grueling tests out stone veneer siding and panels go through before we market them as weatherproof:

  • Freeze-Thaw: In North America, temperatures can go from one extreme to the other in a very short timespan; and so can our panels. We test them for hours, with a brutal cycle of conditions that mimic those found in nature: 155 degrees Fahrenheit in a convection oven, 12 degrees blow freezing in a cold box and over fifteen hours at 100% humidity and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. After three ‘cycles’ of these temperature extremes, our siding panels hadn’t checked or cracked.
  • Salt Spray: As anybody who drives during winter will know, salt spray can be viciously corrosive. We expose our panels over 100 hours of salt spray to mimic months of exposure to the ocean breeze and corrosive elements. Our panels passed – without any imperfections or blisters.
  • Humidity Test: Whether you live in the sweltering everglades, or plan to install stone veneer in your bathroom or kitchen, our panels are expected to stand up to heat and moisture. In fact, we test them at 100% humidity and 100 degrees Fahrenheit for other 100 hours to see if the panels blister or the color shifts. They didn’t.
  • Immersion Test: Our panels are perfect for water features; and we test them extensively to make sure they’re up to the job. This involves over a day immersed in water, following by scoring to confirm that the panels remained impervious to water and that they didn’t blister or warp.
  • Weathering: Our customers tell us: “Your panels look like the real thing.” In order to keep that look, we test our stone veneer siding and panels under an Ultra Violet light for almost 750 hours - proving that they’ll stand up to decades of sunlight.

These brutal testing standards ensure one thing and one thing only – that customers can be confident the stone veneer panelsthey install will look as good as the day they bought them for many years to come.

To see the specific details of our testing, for every panel in our range, you can visit our specifications page.