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Living Room Makeovers

Stairway to Arch Heaven - Using Rough Sawn Corbels

Stairway to Arch Heaven - Using Rough Sawn Corbels

Using Rough Sawn Corbels

Modern homes may have the benefits of clean lines, wide open spaces and tall ceilings, yet you may yearn for a few touches of old world style - charming moldings, rough cut ceiling beams or detailed arches.

We've been following the progress of Jack McLauchlan from Moses Lake Washington as he has transformed his living room with various types of faux wood products. His most recent addition was a interior stairway arch that he created using Rough Sawn corbels and a leftover piece of faux wood beam from the previous year's project. 

The archway looks authentic and well done, especially next to the balcony-type openings to the left. The whole effect is practically Juliet-esque.

"My living room is quite an eye opener now, a far cry from the plain 22 foot wall and white ceiling that greeted us before," Jack explained. To read about how Jack started the living room project with Timber faux beams click here, and scroll down about a third of the page.

Below is one of the photos that he originally sent in. (You can see how the stairway arch looked before he added the beam and corbels).

We've heard he has plans to add a faux rock wall to the room next year, we can't wait to see what he does next!