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Spring Spruce-Up Series: Garden Fountains and Ponds

Spring Spruce-Up Series: Garden Fountains and Ponds

Garden Fountains and Ponds

Patio water fountain sided with stone look panels.

It's been a beautiful, sunny week. The daffodils and crocuses are all starting to peek out and the birds are getting louder every day. Nothing is better than all these sights and sounds - promising longer days spent in the garden or backyard.

These kinds of days really get me pumped up with ideas on how to get the outside of the house ready to enjoy spring and the summer to come. After being cooped up in the house all winter, I'm seriously ready for some fresh air!

With work and kids and day-to-day life, it's amazing how fast your yard can start to look neglected. For anyone who owns a home, the house's exterior is a constant work-in-progress, especially if you live in a four-season area. Raking, weeding and lawn mowing are the necessary evils - but it's always nice to mix it up with a fun DIY project in addition to the more boring maintenance jobs.

Beautiful idea! A water/rock fountain installed in a patio area, surrounded by Regency Random Rock paneling.

Little garden ponds or fountains can add a really nice accent to your garden, deck or porch - whether you're aiming for that serene, Zen feel of a still-water pond, or prefer the pleasant murmur of water trickling out of a fountain.

Before you start, make sure to pick the right location - especially if you're going for the pond. You don't want to position it right under a tree and then spend the entire summer picking out leaves or other debris.

Another thing you may want to consider for your pond is adding some fish. A bunch of goldfish or koi swimming around can create a charming effect. Goldfish in particular can keep the mosquito population down – a nice bonus especially when you’re hosting an outdoor dinner party. If you decide to add fish, you may want to consider adding a water pump. Moving water provides more oxygen than still water.

If you've decided on a fountain, try putting some rocks on the bottom, as in the picture shown above. The water hitting them will make an even nicer trickle-y noise, and acclimatize the fountain to the surrounding nature. Store-bought rock in the same color can create a harmonious, uniform look. If you prefer a more rustic appearance and don’t want to spend the money, walk along the local shoreline or in the nearby woods with a sand bucket. After a few evening strolls, you’ll accumulate a nice collection of multi-colored stones of different shapes and sizes.

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Happy Spring!