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Southwest Interior Design: How to Get the Look

Southwest Interior Design: How to Get the Look

Southwest interior design, inspired by the American “wild west,” is widely recognized for its heavy use of natural materials like stucco, adobe, leather, wood, and stone. Most homes with a Southwest interior design boast vibrantly colored accent pieces, layered textures, mis-matched wood finishes, and natural earth tones like rust, tan, brown, white, and mahogany.

Early indigenous peoples, like the Navajo, were the first to influence what we know today as Southwest interior design. The Navajo had to use what was naturally available to them to build and decorate their structures. Much like we still do today, vigas and wood beams were used for structural support.

Secondly, Spanish settlers and those of the American “Wild West” greatly influenced the evolution of Southwest interior design. By using natural materials like red clay, wood, adobe, and leather they took what the Navajo had started and continued their rich legacy.

Later, those of the American “Wild West” brought in cowhide rugs, hammered metal pieces, wood furniture, and mixed textiles.

Regardless of where you live, it's easy to create a Southwest interior design style in your own home. By using real or faux wood beams, you can create the same look and feel as early Navajo structures. For example, faux wood viga tails installed down a long corridor can bring lasting Southwestern appeal.

Faux wood corbels installed underneath your shelving, mantelpiece, roof line and windows could add that final touch of Southwestern distinction. Whether you are starting from scratch or reviving your Southwestern interior, Barron real and faux wood products are an easy and affordable solution.

Real and Faux Products for Southwest Interior Design

Southwestern interior design is marked by its use of natural materials—most notably, wood. Barron Designs’ real and faux wood beams, faux wood viga tails and faux wood corbels provide dimensional Southwest flair to your living room, hallways, kitchen, and more.

Real and Faux Wood Beams Enhance Your Southwest Interior

Wood beams are a bold, welcoming element to any Southwest-style home. While Barron Designs’ wood beams and faux wood beams are not structural, they provide the same rustic Southwestern aesthetic.

There are several benefits to installing beams inside your home:

  • Real or faux wood beams installed across a living room or bedroom ceiling pull the entire look together and provide warmth and natural vibrancy.
  • Real and faux wood beams are available in a variety of colors and lengths to suit your space and match your home’s Southwestern look.
  • Faux wood beams are cast from molds of real wood, providing you with the same look, feel, and rustic charm without the maintenance that real wood requires.
  • Not only are faux wood beams more cost-effective than solid wood, but you can also install them yourself.

Faux Wood Corbels Accent Your Room With Natural Beauty

A faux wood corbel is a decorative support that is placed against a surface, such as an interior wall, underneath a window or tucked under the roofline. Where support isn’t needed, corbels can be purely decorative. Installing faux wood corbels on your home provides another natural wood element that’s essential to Southwest interior design. Below are ways you can use corbels to amp up your Southwest-style abode:

  • Install faux wood corbels underneath the mantel of your fireplace, for a stunning Southwestern focal piece.
  • Give the shelving in your living room, bedroom, and kitchen a boost by installing faux wood corbels underneath them.
  • Place faux corbels at the ends of your ceiling beams to put a finishing touch on your space.
  • Faux wood corbels have the same wood grain look and texture as solid wood—but without the weight.

Faux Viga Tails Are the Finishing Touch to Your Southwest Style Room Design

Vigas are long, rounded wood supports that run through an entire home. Viga Tails are what you see protruding from the surface of a wall, and have become one of the most recognizable Southwestern home staples.

In your home, if support isn’t needed, you can use faux viga tails to create the same look as real ones. Faux viga tails are a splash of modern Southwest interior design finesse that truly makes your home’s interior pop.

  • Faux viga tails can take the place of real ones, making for an easier, more affordable home update that requires little to no maintenance.
  • Faux viga tails can be installed down a hallway inside your home to create the illusion of a full viga that is supporting a stacked home.
  • They are available in many colors and sizes—including custom—so call our customer service line to talk with us about your options!

Complete Your Stunning Southwestern Interior With Vibrant Finishes

Southwestern interior design isn’t complete without complimentary furniture, textiles, and pottery. Consider the following style elements to compliment your viga tails, corbels, and wood beams:

  • Leather: Complete the look with a large leather couch or lounge chairs.
  • Rugs: Colorful, patterned rugs against the strong wood details inside your home are a perfect compliment.
  • Pottery: Vibrant, colored pottery is ideal to place on wood shelving around your home.
  • Textiles: Throw a colorful blanket over a couch or chair to invite a Southwestern warmth into your home.

Other Tips: Since Southwest interior design is typically centered around earth tones, it's important to add a few bright pops of color to complete the look.

  • Add a bright tile backsplash in your kitchen.
  • Colorful, patterned throw pillows placed on a leather couch will make for a comfortable living space.
  • Mismatched, vintage furniture is OK, too!

Installing wood beams, corbels, and viga tails is an easy way to transform your home into a comfortable, charming Southwestern-style abode. A few updates here and there, using real or faux wood products, will get you the southwestern-style home you dream of. Add a few pops of color and your look is complete!

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