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Ceiling Beam Design Ideas to Change Your Space’s Perspective

Ceiling Beam Design Ideas to Change Your Space’s Perspective

Whether you live in a cozy rancher, modern open-concept home, or industrial-style loft, one thing is for sure – you’re always trying to make the space work the best for your needs while exuding the personality and style you desire. Although you can’t change ceiling height or floor space without messy demo work and renovation costs, you can use things like paint colors, natural light, and decorative accents to your advantage.

Maybe your kitchen shares walls and a ceiling with your living room and it doesn’t feel cozy, or your living area is tight with a low-hanging ceiling. Luckily there are ways you can use ceiling beams and colors to play simple trucks on the eye.

Keep reading for room design ideas that succeed at making spaces feel anything but ordinary!

How to Make a Ceiling Look Higher

When you retreat to the couch at the end of the day you want to feel light and relaxed. But, if you have lower ceilings, it can easily feel like the room is closing in on you. Fortunately, there are some ways you can make a ceiling look higher by incorporating a couple of design elements.

Be Mindful of Wall Colors

Larger ceiling beams spaced further apart make a living room feel bigger.

You can’t deny the power of color psychology on interior design. So, if you are trying to create the illusion of a high ceiling or larger space overall, color is the first place to start.

Colors affect perception, so lighter shades of off-white, gray, and greige will reflect light and create a sense of expansiveness within small spaces. The living room pictured above has soft beige walls that pair well with the warm wood beams, accentuating the earthy tones and natural materials of the room’s furnishings.

Conversely, this same opposites-attract approach applies if your walls are painted darker. With dark walls, you will want to choose a lighter-colored beam to accentuate ceiling height and create a striking contrast.

What about wallpaper? The great wallpaper revival had many of us excited to revisit this age-old trend. From classic patterns to wild prints, you can easily incorporate ceiling beams into your existing wallpapered rooms. Simply identify a neutral shade within the print and match your beams to pull together a cohesive, sophisticated look.

With their distressed texture and old-world wood appeal, Hand Hewn Faux Wood Beams in Whitewash or Toasted Marshmallow could provide a great balance against darker walls or patterned wallpaper.

Focus on Beam Size & Spacing

If you want to visually lift the ceiling with beams, size, and spacing are everything. With this goal in mind, you may assume smaller beams are best to not overpower the space. But not so fast, this isn’t always the case.

Consider larger beams spaced further apart to create an illusion of expansiveness and prevent the ceiling from feeling too crowded. There are many possibilities for how to space ceiling beams; fewer, large beams strategically placed will give the perception that a ceiling feels taller than it actually is.

The direction in which you install the beams is important, too. Vertical lines breathe new height into spaces especially when installed in a direction that elongates the room. When arranging beams, plan to run them lengthwise in the longest dimension.

Larger beams spaced further apart create the illusion of an elongated room.

How to Make a Room Cozier

Large, open-concept floor plans remain on-trend and highly desired layouts, but sometimes they lack that warm welcome we crave. The blended kitchen-living-dining trifecta presents an interesting dilemma. It can be overwhelming to know how to tastefully decorate such a large cohesive space while allowing each area to maintain its own identity – and purpose!

Choose Dark Beam Colors

Once again, color and texture are buzzwords for transforming an expansive space into a cozy gathering area. While light and airy hues of white, gray, and beige are great for opening up smaller, intimate rooms and lifting the ceiling, the opposite is true in a larger space.

Wide open rooms with purpose-driven areas that blend into the next lack the intimacy and sophistication we get from being in a smaller, more well-defined room. Darker wood finishes can make these spaces more approachable and introduce warmth.

When selecting ceiling beams, consider using darker colors with deeper wood grains. Our Timber Faux Wood Beams are heavily distressed with deep, rich notches. Choosing a color like Java or Dark Walnut invites ambiance and comfort into even the largest space.

Use Creative Beam Designs

An expansive open-concept space feels cozier with ceiling beams installed in a grid pattern.

Large rooms are like blank canvases. We’ll typically focus interior styling efforts on lighting, window treatments, and unique pieces of furniture, which is great, but we don’t think much about the impact of the ceiling.

Ceilings are powerful players for any interior because they truly define boundaries. With the right design approach, you can bring more purpose and definition to each unique area of your space.

Beams running the full length of the ceiling are a no-brainer for adding depth and dimension, but in the right space, playing with patterns really packs a punch!

Consider arranging your ceiling beams in a grid pattern or coffered design to encapsulate an open ceiling. This approach will add depth and intimacy to the room, making it feel more snug and inviting.

The Right Ceiling Beam Makes All The Difference

Using a single beam can make a room cozier.

As we’ve discussed, the ceiling beam style, color, and size you choose can significantly impact the way a room looks. So, it's important to pick the beam that checks all of your boxes!

When shopping for the right ceiling beam, consider the following:

  • Does the cost of beam(s) plus shipping, installation, and upkeep fit your budget?
  • Do you have to hire a professional for installation, or is it DIY-friendly?
  • How much maintenance is required?
  • How heavy is it?
  • Are there color and size variations to choose from?
  • Is it durable and long-lasting?
  • Is it resistant to damage from pests and moisture?

Barron Designs’ collection of gorgeous ceiling beams includes both real, authentic wood beams and natural-looking faux wood beams. Whether you choose to go faux or install real wood beams, you can customize the beam size and color to meet your room design needs.

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