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Portable Cabana – Just add False Beams

Portable Cabana – Just add False Beams

When it comes to trade show displays, marketing guru Russ Hale sets the bar pretty high. Just check out this incredible “portable cabana” he designed and built using our false beams and faux wood products.

Portable Cabana - Simply Add False Beams

Whether commercial design, trade show displays or in your own home, using faux wood and false beams is a great way to add gorgeous detail without spending too much. This trade show display is constructed entirely from false beams, with vivid faux timber detailing.

Produced for MasterCorp, who specialize in outsourcing resort housekeeping services, the trade show display is made incredibly simply from a faux wood framework, assembled using our timber beams.

Russ used our four-sided beams to accomplish this – and the result is practically indistinguishable from real wood.

What is very different, however, is the weight. Molded from durable polyurethane foam, Russ’s false beams weigh a fraction of what real wood would; making them effortless to transport to trade shows and much more practical to assemble.

Of course, the real edge to Russ’ trade show is the clever way he’s incorporated signage and additional details to combine effective marketing with a touch of resort fantasy.

The flowing white curtains, for example, wouldn’t look out of place on a white sandy beach – and when you step inside the display it’s difficult not to immediately think of the beautiful resorts MasterCorp provides housekeeping services for.

And we’re not the only ones who appreciate his incredible work. Russ’ display has been recognized at numerous trade shows.

“Without your realistic product and time-sensitive service, I could not have created a transportable cabana, on budget, that was considered best of show,” Russ writes.

It’s incredibly exciting to see our products used in such an innovative and original way. It’s great to see false beams installed in people’s living rooms and kitchens – but sometimes it’s just as interesting to see how they’re used for projects like Russ’, or for other commercial designs like the incredible new store we wrote about that opened up in FAO Schwarz.

If you’ve used our products for a trade show display, or in your storefront, be sure to drop us an email at and let us know all about it. We’d love to feature pictures in our gallery, and on the blog.