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Open Layout Room Transformation with Custom Timber

Open Layout Room Transformation with Custom Timber

Check out these before and after photos of this open layout kitchen/living room that underwent an incredible transformation -- sent to us by by Eric Smith, of New Oxford, Pa.

It's not often that we're lost for words here at, but there was a long period of silence when we opened up the email containing these photos. Sent by customer Eric Smith, they chronicle the amazing remodel of his beautiful Pennsylvania home - turning it from cute-and-quaint into rich, characterful and historic; with our Custom Timber Beams playing an important role.

Open layout room in an Oxford, PA home transformed with Custom Timber beams, new stone walls and a Franklin stove.

As you can see from the BEFORE pictures, Eric's home was lovely beforehand - large, open and typical of the styles of home you'll find in rural Adams county. However, he wanted more - and so began this project that included adding beautiful, authentic stone features, flagstones and beautiful, exposed timber beams...

...only those aren't real beams.

Clean, characterful and stylish, Eric has really captured the look of a historic Pennsylvania home. Clean, characterful and stylish, Eric has really captured the look of a historic Pennsylvania home.

Given the age and design of Eric's home, there weren't any structural wood beams to expose, and the floor-to-ceiling columns didn't match the rich and characterful stone and hardwood floors. This is why he reached out to and ordered a series of our Custom Timber Beams instead. One of our signature products, Custom Timber is made from lightweight and durable polyurethane foam - and vividly recreates the look and texture of authentic old wood; right down to every knot, grain and imperfection.

Kitchen view of an open plan room remodeled with Custom Timber beams.

Eric used them extensively in his design - from spanning overhead, to covering up the supporting columns. He was incredibly strategic with the installation of each beam - making sure to place them where similar beams would actually appear in real historic homes, to ensure they looked as realistic as possible.

Close-up view of Timber beams slotted into the living room's new stone wall. Eric made sure to incorporate small, but important details.

What really made the difference was Eric's attention to detail. For example, when adding stone to the wall, he left little alcoves for the ends of the beams to slot into. This trick made it appear as if the beams were extending out of the wall - just as real supporting timbers would in a historic home.

Before photo BEFORE

With the spruced-up hardwood floors, dark wood doors and trim, and the beautiful Franklin stove he installed, Eric managed to completely reinvent the room. It's one of the most ambitious yet well-executed projects we've ever featured on this blog, and we're incredibly excited that our products were a part of it.

But enough about what we think - what's your take? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.