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Now Playing: Media Center Featuring Sleek Stone Style

Now Playing: Media Center Featuring Sleek Stone Style

This home's media center went from barely-thrown-together to sleek-and-stylish with the help of our Norwich Stacked Stone panels.

One of the challenges of home ownership is creating a coherent interior design. For those who have limitless time and resources, it's easy to sweep through a home and update its look all at once. But for most homeowners, design changes are incremental, and that involves forward thinking and strategy.

Home media center featuring a stone style feature wall.

As somebody who once literally 'cornered themselves' by laying new flooring that pinned me into the corner of the room opposite the door, I can attest to the fact that forward thinking and strategy isn't as simple as it sounds. Luckily, FauxPanels can make it all a little easier.

We received these project photos from our customers who'd taken the "it-works-for-now" look of their living room and transformed it into a sleek and stylish focal point using our Norwich Colorado Stacked Stone panels in Canyon Gray.

In the BEFORE pictures, you can see that the homeowners in question had a very nice living room and they'd put new additions to it as and where they fit best - including a television attached to the wall beneath a seated keyboard, and bookshelves and pictures all around.

Living room before

I mean, it's fine, as the British say, but 'we could do better.' That's exactly what the homeowners decided to do, when they pulled everything from that wall and created a bespoke media center instead.

The foundation of this media center is a built-in cabinet with sleek, glass fronts and a stylish and modern-looking grey patina. The
pièce de résistance is the stone-style featured wall behind the TV, created with our panels attached to the rear surface of the unit.

The use of the paneling is smart for a variety of reasons. First of all, it just looks great - and works in total congruence with the modern and contemporary look of the media center.


Recessed spotlights at the top of the unit beautifully showcase the vivid three-dimensional texture of the faux stone, which makes it a really striking focal point for the room even when the TV isn't switched on.

Secondly, the panels are ideal for concealing wires and cables; making the installation of the TV completely seamless against the back wall.

The whole project required only a few panels, and nothing more complicated than a wood saw, construction adhesive and screws to accomplish. The end result, though, looks fantastic; and brings the entirely living room together with a design that looks professionally planned and executed.

We love the simplicity and elegance of this project and are thrilled to be able to share it with you here - showcasing once again the versatility of our faux stone products.