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Kitchen Transformation: From Outdated to Outstanding

Kitchen Transformation: From Outdated to Outstanding Amy from Iowa sent in these before and after pictures of her outdated kitchen's amazing transformation - and we're proud that our  beams were part of it! Amy Pellegrin of Iowa has lived in her beautiful creek-side home for nearly six years - and spent a lot of that time dreaming of updating her kitchen. As you can tell from the Before picture below, the kitchen was outdated, with old-fashioned cabinets, ugly walls and floors and an overall style that was stuck way deep in the 1990s. Kitchen transformation, from outdated to outstanding with new floors, cabinet, fixtures and Custom Rough Hewn beams added to the ceiling Amy's new kitchen looks incredible - sleek, timeless and chic. One of the reasons Amy waited so long to update her kitchen is because she wanted to totally gut it and do it right - and that's not a job for the faint of heart! As you can see from the AFTER picture, Amy tore open the ceiling, replaced the entire floor, changed all the cabinets and basically reworked the entire room from the drywall up. It was a massive undertaking - and the end result looks incredible. Our Custom Rough Hewn Beams in Walnut added a subtle and discrete finish - with a number of beams spanning the ceiling just like real timber might in a wood-framed home. It's a very subtle use of our products, but we love it - the beams look totally in-keeping with the rest of the decor, and just look 'right' without drawing unnecessary attention. Before kitchen photo BEFORE What we really like about Amy's new kitchen is that it's truly timeless - there's a clean, chic style to it that we really feel will look great for decades. The faux beams and slate tile flooring have a kind of classic look to them, but the counters and cabinets are sleek and modern. Together, it all combines into a kitchen worthy of a show home, and we're very impressed. What do you think about the project? Do you agree with our take on it? Let us know in the comments section below!