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Italian Themed Restaurant with Faux Wood Beams

Italian Themed Restaurant with Faux Wood Beams

Our faux wood products have already graced the ceiling of boutiques and burger bars. Now they're going Italian.

Custom Aspen faux ceiling beams line the restaurant and add a wonderfully sophisticated touch. Brio, an Italian restaurant, was finished with a faux wood beam ceiling feature.

This Restaurant Served Up a Taste of Italy with Faux Wood Beams

We recently received pictures of our beams in action - starring as the centerpiece of a nearly-opened Italian restaurant that looks mouthwateringly chic.

Their innovative designer has created an entire ceiling structure using our beams; perfectly recreating the sort of classic timber beamwork you'd see overhead if you tucked into pasta verde or spaghetti bolognaise in Milan or Rome.

But instead of being made from real timber, as the ceilings most often are in historic European cities, these beams are actually molded from light and durable polyurethane foam - making them incredibly quick and easy to install.

That's ideal for a commercial setting; in which tearing down the previous storefront and installing the new one needs to be done quickly.

These beams can be cut to shape with a regular wood saw, and installed using suspension cables or just wooden mounting blocks and regular screws. They're hollow, too - molded in a u-shape while allows easy installation of recessed lights, hidden speakers or vents - all vital components for a restaurant.

Indistinguishable from real wood, faux ceiling beams offer realism without the cost or weight. Looking up, you can see how perfectly these beams recreate the look of a real timber beam ceiling.

But the most important thing is that they look good - and from these photographs, you can see that this is something our beams are especially good at. Each one is created from a mold of a real Aspen beam; and features every grain, knot and imperfection vividly recreated in rigid foam.

Following the molding process, our beams can be finished in a variety of real-wood shades; intricately detailed so that they're indistinguishable from the real thing. In this restaurant, that attention to detail is why the faux wood beams perfectly match all the other dark wood used to complete the restaurant decor.

As you can see, the finished design is perfect - seamlessly combining real wood with faux, and creating a fine dining experience worthy of the piazzas of Florence or Seville themselves. What do you think? Feeling hungry?