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cathedral ceiling

Installing Faux Wood Beams on Cathedral Ceilings

Installing Faux Wood Beams on Cathedral Ceiling

Installing a Faux Beam on a Cathedral ceiling can be tricky. Here is a simple step by step guide to help you along.
Measure the inside of the Faux Beam you will be working with.
Cut two blocks of wood to fit the inside of your faux beam for every 3-6 feet.
Drill pilot holes in your blocks of wood to prevent splitting when inserting screws.
You must used screws that will be long enough to go through the wood block, the sheetrock or plaster, and then into the wood structure of the house.
Screw in another block of wood on top of the one you just installed (remember to drill pilot holes before inserting screws into the block of wood).
Repeat steps 2 to 6. Space the blocks evenly so that they are placed every 3 to 6 feet until you get to the other end wall. The last block should be about 10” to 12” from the side wall.
Mark each block of wood with blue painter's tape to make the next steps easier.
Measure the length of the ceiling and cut the faux beam to fit.
Dry fit the beam to ensure a proper fit.
Attach the faux beam to the blocks of wood at each location that is marked with the blue painter tape, make sure to use long enough screws to go through the beam into the blocks of wood. One screw on each side of the beam at each location is sufficient.
Make sure not to over tighten. Only countersink the screw a small amount.
Cover up the screw heads with matched color caulk.
Tip: It usually isn't necessary to cut the top edge of the beam on a level to match the pitch of the roof.
When complete, the edge of the Faux Wood Beam will butt up tight to the ceiling.