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Innovative use of False Beams and Faux Planks

Innovative use of False Beams and Faux Planks

More mainstream stores are "going faux" - and doing it in stylish and original ways.

Innovative Uses for False Beams and Faux Planks

Creating incredible visual detail and ambiance in commercial designs was a simple process for this store thanks to their combination of fake timber beams with roughsawn faux planks. A classic, rustic look is easy to achieve with faux wood products. False beams paired with faux wood planks resulted in this great ceiling.

A short while ago, we wrote about a cool new store in New York's FAO Schwarz that used our faux wood products to create an awesome ambiance. They're not alone.

In fact, our false beams and synthetic wood have always been popular with commercial designers - and that popularity continues to grow.

One of the great things about seeing our products used in commercial design is that they can give us a lot of inspiration for new and different ways to use faux wood products at home.

Take the photo we've included here - snapped at a nationwide store. The designers have paired our false beams with faux wood planks to create an awesome rustic look that resembles the rickety roofing of a mountainside shack or cabin.

The look works so well in-store because it captures the look and feel of the American wilderness - a theme popular with this particular store's customer base.

The jeans, boots and vests sold here are marketed as being the perfect thing to wear when you're off up a mountainside, or deep into the forests - and our faux wood products help reinforce that concept.

If you're looking to add a little adventurous element to your home redesign project, you could do worse than taking inspiration from the way this store used our faux wood products.

It's a great combination of products - and, even better, to customers and staff they look just like a real wooden ceiling fixture.

That's because our false beams and synthetic timber are all molded directly from real wood - and once they're installed its impossible to tell that you're not looking at the real thing.

Do you ever take design inspiration from stores that you visit? Or do you have ceiling design ideas that rival this one for originality? If so, we'd love to hear about it. Email us at!