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I Saw the Sign

I Saw the Sign

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. It’s a cliché for a reason: because it’s true. From a handshake, a smile, a good pair of shoes, you are judged at first glance—for better or for worse.

Stone Veneer ColumnsSame goes for your business. The sign out front—you know, the one that everyone can see when they drive by—is kind of like your interview outfit. (Yeah, I’m going to go with this tacky metaphor for a little longer, bear with me.) You want it to show off your personality, display your commitment, say, “I believe in what I do and am your best choice for this job.” So, don’t you want your sign out front to look its best? To be all tucked in and ironed

We Saw The Sign! 

We’ve had a bunch of people send in photos recently showing how they’ve used stone veneer panels to help their business’ signs reach their fullest potential. And we think this is such a great idea! After all, stone veneers are classy, professional, and varied enough to really show off your business’ point of view.

This gallery shows off our customers’ handiwork and is chock full of great ideas.

Love your current sign? Use faux stone veneer panels as a base support or bookended columns. The panels could also provide a cool backsplash or frame. Heck, why not get creative, like this hanging Texas sign which used stone veneer to make an overhead archway.

Veneer panels are great way to spice up indoor displays as well. Take them with you to company trade shows and be the baddest booth around (this is a good thing). The faux stone is lightweight enough to move from place to place, and will stand out against a sea of nylon banners printed at Kinkos.

But make sure you have a firm handshake ready; your sweet sign can’t be expected to do all the work.