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Exterior Siding Ideas

How to Put Up Siding That Looks Like Stone

How to Put Up Siding That Looks Like Stone Kelly from New Jersey sent in these pictures of her newly remodeled home exterior, and they demonstrate perfectly how to put up siding that looks just like real stone. Read on to learn how it was done, step by step. The great thing about our panels is that they can be used for both exterior and interior installations. Just last week we posted about using them for a kitchen backsplash, and now you can see how they work externally with this great step-by-step series of photographs sent in by our customer Kelly. Kelly owns a beautiful suburban home, but wanted to give it a unique little spruce-up. In the end, she decided to give the ground-floor section of her home a makeover, and found just what she was looking for at Stacked stone style siding put up on the ground floor section of a home's exterior. Kelly's completed exterior makeover You'll see us use the phrase time and time again on this blog, but Kelly's project embraced the winning strategy of 'less is more.' Rather than cover the entire face of her home with new siding, she created a small accent section using  Norwich Colorado Stacked Stone Tall Panels in the Canyon Gray color. This works brilliantly because the rich reds and browns of the panels contrast beautifully with her blue siding, and match perfectly with the roof as well. Combined with the dark wood shutters of her home, and the brown front door, the panels look absolutely in-keeping with the rest of the house, and add a delightfully rustic look. It's truly one of the smartest uses of our product we've seen in a while. Home exterior before photo BEFORE: While Kelly's home was already beautiful, but she wanted to give it a unique upgrade. And the best part? The whole installation process was simple and straightforward - costing a fraction of what it would to have used real stone to cover the ground floor. As you can see from the photo, the first step in the process was to remove part of the existing blue siding. The left the front of the house exposed, with the house wrapping still in place. Installation then began with the panels. In Kelly's case, the first detail was to add Drainage Mats to ensure proper passage of any water that made its way behind the panels. Existing siding removed. Removing the existing siding. Kelly mapped out the front of the home and cut the panels to fit flush with the windows and other features of the home. This takes careful measurement, but is otherwise straightforward. Because the panels are molded from durable polyurethane foam, they can be cut to size with a regular wood saw and require no specialist equipment to trim. Attaching the first row of panels began in the lower, left-hand corner. The panels slot together piece-by-piece almost like a jigsaw puzzle, ensuring that the stone texture is seamless across the entire length of the wall. The final touch was to trim any part of the last panel that overhung at the end of the wall. Next, Kelly installed the subsequent row of panels. Again, these had to be cut to fit around the windows and features - and there was one more subtle customization. She actually trimmed the first panel in the row in half - which meant that the vividly-realistic stone texture wasn't repeated from one row to the next. It's a very subtle move, but makes a big difference when you stand up and look at the entire wall. Ground floor section of home exterior accented with new stone style siding. AFTER: Beautiful end result! The third and final row of panels was installed the same way - except this time each of them had to be trimmed height-wise as well. This enabled them to fit flush with the overhang of the second floor. Once again, all this took was careful measurement and a regular wood saw - and afterward, the entire surface of that front wall was covered. The panels themselves were installed following the Exterior Installation Instructions for the Panels – and thanks to their durable polyurethane construction, will weather the elements and the sun’s rays and continue to look vividly realistic for decades to come. What do you think of Kelly's home makeover? We love it, and think she did a tremendous job. Let us know in the comments section below. Home exterior after photo, new siding installed. AFTER: Another shot of the home exterior.