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How to Join Beams for a Seamless Ceiling

How to Join Beams for a Seamless Ceiling So, you have a length of ceiling to cover, but don't have a single beam that will stretch. Here we discuss the ways to join beams for a seamless look. A beamed ceiling with end to end joints covered with rubber straps that mimic real cast iron. Rubber straps that look like authentic cast iron hide the end to end joints between the beams One of the many advantages of our  beams is that you can order them in a variety of lengths - up to 30 feet in some cases! And for most people, that's more than enough to stretch a single beam across any length of ceiling space. But there are a number of reasons why you might find that you end up using two or more lengths of beam - perhaps you are using left-over lengths, or had to order them shorter than the width of the ceiling to fit inside doorways or corridors. If that's the case - how do you get a seamless transition? Well, there are two options available to you; and thanks to the science of faux wood, both are superior to the problem you'd face using real wood. One of the advantages of our products is that they're absolutely uniform in size and width - so unlike a solid wood beam, you know that the end of a faux beam will perfectly line up with the end of another (as long as they're both ordered in the same size.) Rubber beam straps Our rubber beam straps are effortless to install. For a quick and easy cover-up, you can use one of our rubber beam straps to give the illusion of a cast iron bracing strap. These were common in the days of real timber construction, and the rubber simulations look so realistic that most people won't be able to tell the difference. Even better than that, they cover instantly over the join of two beams, and take just minutes to install with construction adhesive. We offer caulk that can be crafted to seamlessly hide the join between two lengths of beam. We offer caulk that can be crafted to seamlessly hide the join between two lengths of beam. If you really want to go for the look of a single, seamless length of wood, you might need to do a little more finessing. We offer accessories like touch up paint that perfectly matches the hue of pre-finished beams, and by combining that with the use of caulk you can seamlessly hide the join of two beams. Both solutions are well within the scope of the aspiring home carpenter, and offer a great solution to the problem. Another reason why 'going faux' is superior to the real thing!