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How to Give Your Fireplace a Classic Look with Faux

How to Give Your Fireplace a Classic Look with Faux

Fireplaces are an elegant addition to any living space, but the expense of masonry and installation of real brick or stone can make building one too costly for many homeowners. Faux paneling and mantels are a DIY-friendly and affordable option for adding this feature to your home.

Designing Your Fireplace

When choosing what type of faux brick or stone you want to use for your fireplace surround, think about the style of the space. A fireplace will immediately become the focal point of the room, so you want to make sure that it complements your existing room.

Consider adding panels from the floor to the ceiling if your fireplace will be situated in a corner, or if the room has high ceilings. This type of design draws the eye upward and makes the entire space feel bigger. If the ceilings are lower, or if the fireplace is centered on a large wall, choose panels for the surround that frame the fireplace. This will give the room a cozy and stylish feel without overwhelming the rest of the space.

Brick is a classic look that complements many different design types, particularly industrial or modern. Add a dark-colored mantel and brass accents to contrast against the pattern of the brick.

Faux stone panels come in a wide variety of patterns and textures, like chiseled or stacked stone. Think about how you want to decorate around the fireplace when deciding which type of stone to use. Farmhouse or rustic styles work well with light-colored stone, while something more modern or chic would benefit from a darker shade.

If you want your fireplace to be the main draw of the room, look for a multi-colored option that will immediately draw the eye. If you’re looking for a more neutral or subtle backdrop, panels that are mostly one color are a smart choice.

How to Use Faux Panels with a New Fireplace

Once you’ve decided which style of faux panels you want to use, it’s time to install. Thanks to the DIY-friendly nature of faux paneling, you won’t need to worry about having advanced skills or special tools.

Gather together some basic supplies, including:

  • Construction Adhesive
  • Caulk
  • Screws
  • Level
  • Safety glasses
  • Tack cloth
  • Saw
  • Measuring tape
  1. Clean your work surface. If you’re using a frame or attaching directly to the wall, use a tack cloth to clean the surface of any dust or debris. If you’re replacing brick or stone that’s already on the wall, remove it all before sanding and dusting the new surface.
  2. Orient panels and determine installation order. The panels you choose will either be installed left-to-right or right-to-left. Orient them so the flat lip on the long side is up, planning out the pattern you’d like to see. Make sure to include the opening of the fireplace in your plans.
  3. Draw the level line. Find the high point on the floor using a level. Place a full-size panel against the wall and mark the height. Draw a level line the length of the wall.
  4. Install panels. Trim the first panel. Wipe the back of the panel to get rid of any debris before adding adhesive. Make sure the panels are level before fastening to the wall.
  5. Add a mantel. The mantel of your choice can be attached once the panels are all in place.

You can find the full installation guides on our website. Please consult before starting any projects.

Although our products are incredibly realistic, they are not real brick, stone or rock. They are molded out of high-density polyurethane. Polyurethane products have similar burning characteristics to real wood and should be considered combustible, unless fire-rated polyurethane is specifically ordered. Most of our products can be used around a fireplace opening/insert, and/or stove, provided you follow the fireplace insert/stove manufacturer's specifications for required clearances. When using our products around an open hearth where there will be a live flame (i.e., wood, coal, etc.), you must use some type of a stone or non-flammable border. Please visit our FAQ page for full fire safety information.

Update Your Fireplace for Every Season

Even though your fireplace sees most of its use in the cooler months, it can bring a touch of classic style all year long. You can exchange seasonal decor on the mantel to reflect the time of year, like seashells in the summer or pumpkins in the fall. Add pillar candles to the hearth when you aren’t using it for a pretty touch that helps reduce the appearance of empty space. By getting creative with your home design, you can make your fireplace into a central piece of your home.