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High Ceiling Beam Installation

High Ceiling Beam Installation Check out these photos of a customer's beam installation. Hope you're not scared of heights! Christopher Burden, from Texas, recently sent us pictures of his stunning ceiling remodel with faux beams. What struck us immediately about the project wasn't how great it looked - we're used to that - but how HIGH the beams were installed. Chris installed the beams on a towering ceiling. Chris installed the beams on a towering ceiling. Christopher's home has a massive ceiling and it looms above the floor below. Installing two parallel beams looks terrific; but until most of the other projects we receive photos of, it required more than a stepladder to complete. That's where the beauty of faux wood beams comes into play. Made from high density polyurethane foam, our beams are vividly realistic and look exactly like real wood - but weigh a fraction of what actual timber would. As a result, installing them on a looming ceiling that Christopher's is a much more practical option. In this instance, he used scaffolding to create a platform to access the ceiling; but mounted the beams in exactly the same way you would on a regular ceiling. Wooden mounting blocks screw directly into the studs, and the beams slot directly over them. They're then secured with nothing more than regular wood screws. Just imagine the difference if you tried to install real wood beams up there. Weighing up to 100lbs or more, a real timber beam would require specialist equipment to even be lifted up that high; let alone secured to the ceiling. Once installed, it's impossible to tell that these faux beams aren't real. Once installed, it's impossible to tell that these faux beams aren't real. And the fact is - once the beams are in place there is no way anybody can tell the difference between what's faux, and what's authentic. The difference is practically indistinguishable even when you're close enough to touch; so imagine what it's like when you're staring up from the floor below. We love Chris' project, and think it's a fantastic demonstration of the potential of these beams. We hope to see more pictures soon!