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ceiling beams

Helpful Tip Tues: Template to Get Tricky Angles Right

The following are a few steps in order to help you to get those tricky angles cut just right when installing faux beams. All that's required is some cardboard, a box cutter, and a saw of choice.
Beam with cardboard 1.Cut a piece of cardboard to about 1 foot long and as high as your beam.
Cardboard on wall 2. Hold the cardboard piece to the ceiling.
Cardboard folded on wall 3. Fold cardboard back to get the desired angle that you want the beam to be. Make adjustments as needed.
Cutting cardboard 4. Cut off folded section of the cardboard
checking cut 5. Hold the cardboard up to the ceiling again to confirm the appropriate cut was made. Make any slight adjustments, if necessary.
tracing template 6. Place cardboard template near the end of the beam and trace down the angle of the cardboard.
cutting faux beam 7. Cut along the line marked by the pencil, removing this side of the beam.
Repeating steps 8. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for the opposite side of the beam.
faux beam cut on wall 9. After both sides of the beam have beam cut, place it on the wall and make any adjustments as needed. You can also caulk or place straps on the end of the beam as desired.