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Happy Holidays from!

Happy Holidays from!

Happy Holidays from Duke - official mascot of Happy Holidays from Duke - official mascot of Wishes you Happy Holidays

From everybody at™: Happy Holidays and best wishes for the New Year!

It's been an exciting year here at™! As we relax and spend time with our families over the holiday period, we thought it would be a good opportunity to look back over the last year and highlight some of the blog posts we really enjoyed sharing with you:

  • January

Installing Synthetic Wood Beams: Which Direction?

A common question we get asked is: Which direction should I install your false beams in? Hopefully this post will answer your question!

  • February

Tudor Style Home Building and Renovation with Faux Wooden Planks

Our faux wood products aren't just great for adding a classic look to a modern home; they can be used to restore traditional wood designs as well. This post chronicles a homeowner using faux wood planks to restore her Tudor-style home to its former glory.

  • March

What are Fire Rated Faux Wood Beams?

Many of our faux wood products are available fire rated. What does that mean? This post explains all.

  • April

5 Smart Reasons Contractors Prefer False Beams

Our false beams and faux wood products are always popular with contractors. Here's a blog post dedicated to the top five reasons why.

  • May

Portable Cabana – Just add False Beams

Because our false beams look just as good as the real thing - but weigh a fraction of what authentic wood or timber does - they're very popular with trade show displays. Here's a great display made using our faux wood beams. What do you think of it?

  • June

Waste Not Want Not with Decorative Beams

Here's a great post in which a talented home designer uses left-over faux wood products to create an entirely new ceiling project. Waste not, want not!

  • July

Seamless Surround Sound with Faux Wood Beams

Another reason "going faux" gives you an advantage over real wood is that our beams are hollow - allowing you to run wires or install recessed lighting in them. In this blog post, that concept is taken a step further; with an entire surround sound system hidden away in our false beams.

  • August

Crown molding trick gives faux beams an authentic look

This blog post is a great demonstration of how to make brand new faux wood beams look like they've been there for a century - or more!

  • September

Modern Look for All Star Burgers, Using Faux Wood Beams

Our faux wood beams are always a hit with commercial contractors because they're easy to install and look great. Here's an example from All Star Burgers who used our products to construct an awesome looking false ceiling fixture.

  • October

Faux Wood Knee Braces are the Bee’s Knees for Curb Appeal

"Knee braces" are a traditional structural support used in older homes. Our false wood ones might not be structural, but they're effortless to install and add a touch of timeless Americana to any modern home.

  • November

Faux Wood Beam Saves Old House

We love this blog post! An old home needs serious structural reinforcement; and our false beams enable the homeowners to save the house without losing any of the authentic, centuries-old charm.

  • December

How much do false beams weigh? Well, they’re as light as a Faux-ther.

Want to know just how lightweight our beams are? Check this out!