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Green Beams: Artificial Wood is Better For The Planet

Green Beams: Artificial Wood is Better For The Planet

There are many practical reasons why you’d want to choose artificial wood beams over the real thing. They're more practical, affordable and look as good than the real thing.

Why Artificial Wood is Better for the Planet

But you might be unaware that they're also better for the planet. Here’s why:

  • Green Beams Save Trees

The most obvious benefit to the environment is that artificial beams don’t require a tree to be cut down to make them. Although molded from real wood timbers, the beams are actually made from tough, durable polyurethane.

  • They’re Clean

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing process doesn’t use any chlorofluorocarbons – the compounds that deplete the ozone layer. We also use sophisticated machines that cut down waste to a bare minimum, which is better for the environment (and makes our beams more affordable.)

  • They’re Safe for Humans

Polyurethane beams are chemically inert, making them totally safe for installation inside the home. This is an improvement over composite beams, which can contain chemicals like formaldehyde, or beams made out of Styrofoam – a possible human carcinogen.

Faux beams are also finished with water-based stains rather than solvent based ones, and weigh a fraction of solid wood – saving gas and reducing emissions delivering and transporting them.

But perhaps the most important benefit is that these beams offer a faux alternative to rare and endangered species of wood, like pecky cypress.

Pecky cypress is a type of lumber riddled with holes caused by rare type of fungus – one only present in the oldest of cypress trees. These irreplaceable trees are currently being over-harvested to the point of extinction because of their beautiful holey appearance.

The artificial alternative allows you to enjoy the rustic beauty of pecky cypress in your home, without contributing to the demand for this endangered wood or driving it closer to extinction.

So whether you’re looking for wood beamswood mantelswood corbels or other wood-style design products, with faux you won't just have the satisfaction of knowing you got the best looking product for your money – you also know you got the product that’s best for the environment as well.