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Getting Keyed Up with Keystone Arch Trim

Getting Keyed Up with Keystone Arch Trim

Go for a really unique look over doors or windows, with our keystone trim.

Before and after photo of faux keystone trim blocks added to a room's windows Keystone trim adds an incredible stone look to windows and doorways.

One of the reasons real brick and stone is so expensive to work with is because building with it takes talent. Creating structure and form from heavy, clumsy stone involves not just aesthetic skill, but also an understanding of engineering and physics. That's why castles, aqueducts and bridges built centuries ago are still standing today.

One particularly incredible thing the old architects did with real stone and brick was creating archways and windows. These days, home builders use timber or steel beams; but in the old days bricks and blocks were carefully arranged to create ornate and solid supports for archways, doors and windows.

The trick was to curve the blocks one on top of another; until the weight of the two towers pressed against each other into rigid form. It's truly a marvel of engineering and a skill sadly fading into obscurity.

But even if you live in a modern home, you can get the look of these ornate 'keystone' archways for your windows and doorways with our stone imitations.

Made using the same molding process as our faux stone and brick panels, the keystone and trim blocks vividly mimic the texture and look of real stone - but only weigh just a fraction of real stone, and can be installed quickly and easily with regular household carpentry equipment.

Up close, our faux stone trim is vividly realistic. Up close, our faux stone trim is vividly realistic.

When fitting around door frames, windows or arches, they provide the incredibly realistic look of keystone.

They're great for complementing other historic features in your home, or for adding a sturdy and timeless design element.

Fireplace with keystone and trim block accents Keystone and trim blocks add charming visual interest to this fireplace

Available in a number of styles, the keystone and trim blocks are incredibly versatile. Use them for windows, doors, or even to wrap around other design features. The end result will amaze you.